Giant's Kinship
Giant's Kinship

In-Game Description

Each king has his rightful throne.
And when he sits upon it,
he sees what he chooses to see.

Or perhaps, it is the throne,
which shows the king only what he wants.

The flames roar, but will soon begin to fade,
and only a worthy heir might burnish their light.
What is it, truly, a claimant of the throne
could desire?


This item is required to trigger the encounter with Nashandra in the Throne of Want.


Obtained by defeating the Giant Lord in the Memory of Jeigh.


The purpose of this item is in lore only, as the game doesn't check its presence in your inventory as a requirement to encounter Nashandra.
Obtaining this item through illegitimate means won't allow the fight to begin, the only relevant trigger is having defeated the Giant Lord.

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