Used to communicate with other players. The gesture menu is accessed with the Select / Back button.

Motion sensing is enabled for the Playstation 3's SIXAXIS controller. In theory, when the player presses and holds the X button down the game will recognize the pattern of movement and perform the assigned gesture.

Image Gesture Description How to obtain
eY3Zrx1.png Point Player points forward Available at start
LRdWxNX.png I Won't Bite Player gestures to come nearer Available at start
KtgC49b.png Bow Player performs a bow Available at start
qnXEvgz.png Wave Player waves Available at start
4vmr1Gs.png Pumped Up Player gets pumped. Available at start
FEi0NpW.png Warcry Player performs a warcry. Available at start
82DiYRD.png Righty-ho! Player performs a quick wave. Available at start
nP5Jt26.png No way Player shakes their head and signals "No". Available at start
hTZwjMv.png Welcome Player holds out their arms, welcoming those around. Given by Saulden the Crestfallen Warrior in Majula.
ELZ7Qf9.png Mock Player shrugs mockingly. Given by Straid Of Olaphis in The Lost Bastille.
ELgVNmT.png Fist Pump Player jumps with joy! Given by Creighton the Wanderer, found near Huntsman's Copse
XpPlGBs.png Praise the Sun Player raises his arms toward the sun Learn it at the Heirs of the Sun altar in Harvest Valley
9NCnRvL.png Prostration Player kneels down and bows energetically. Teachable after encountering Laddersmith Gilligan and spending 2000 souls. Found in Earthen Peak or Majula.
yhOWOEJ.png Decapitate Player taunts, signalling head removal. Given by Head of Vengarl in the Shaded Woods.
fFCTGhK.png This one's me Player thumbs up with both hands towards himself. Speak to Chancellor Wellager in Drangleic Castle.
SP1vepd.png Warmup Player runs on the spot. Equip the Ring of Whispers and speak to Manscorpion Tark after fighting Scorpioness Najka. Found in the Shaded Woods
8soyxUk.png Joy Player raises their fist in excitement. Given by Benhart Of Jugo in Majula.
s8csVZh.png Have mercy! Player kneels down and bows frantically. Approach and speak to Grave Warden Agdayne without having a torch lit. Found in Undead Crypt.
zgESqg6.png Duel Bow Player performs a more respectable bow Given by Blue Sentinel Targray in Cathedral of Blue
xf9KVh7.png Hurrah! Player leans up and cheers. In the Memory of Vammar, speak to Captain Drummond.
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