Garrison Ward Key

Garrison Ward Key

In-Game Description

Opens the Garrison Ward of Eleum Loyce.

The Garrison Ward was built to confine the Chaos,
and Eleum Knights remain there today,
waiting for someone to lead
the advance on the swollen flame
faithful to the King's final orders.


Opens the locked gate on the ramparts of Frozen Eleum Loyce. Unlocks access to Frigid Outskirts and the Expulsion Chamber bonfire.


You must have defeated Aava, the King's Pet and spoken to Alsanna, Silent Oracle. From the Outer Wall bonfire, follow the normal path all the way until just before the drop to the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire. Outside that building, there should be a new path forward. Take it and light the sconces to open the stone door. Enter the cave and defeat the Flexile Sentry at the end, who is guarding the corpse holding the Garrison Ward Key.

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