Fume Sorcerer



After the Old Iron King sunk into the lava, scores of men were dispatched to this land to tap the replete stores of iron.
But they soon lost their nerve when faced with the child of Dark, and all but the most steadfast of them became servants of the black fog.1

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,150 750
2 1,212 1,500
8 2,300 3,000
  • They can teleport behind you, backstabbing for medium damage if you don't move out of the way.


Brume Tower
Found throughout the map. Notably, four in the large room with gates and fire hazards, down the nearest passage from the Foyer bonfire.

Iron Passage
Found throughout the map.




  • High Fire, Lightning, and Dark Resistance
  • Slightly lower Magic Resistance


  • Small ball of lightning that also deals dark damage. (cast with right hand)
  • Medium ball of lightning that explodes into a lighting storm which persists for a few seconds. (cast with left hand)
  • Area of effect miracle, similar to Scraps of Life, but comprised of lightning.
  • Dual Dagger melee attacks in close combat.
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