Frozen Eleum Loyce


Boss NPCs Notable Loot Notable Loot #2 Enemies Enemy Drops
Aava, the King's Pet Loyce Knight
Steelheart Ellie
Masterless Glencour
Ring of the Embedded
Dark Clutch Ring
Fire Clutch Ring
Ring of Resistance +1
Winged Spear +7
Large Club +8
Priest's Chime +8
Sorcerer's Twinblade
Curved Nil Greatsword
Twin-headed Greatbow
Bone Fist
Retainer Staff
Azal's Staff
Splintering Lightning Spear
Soul Flash
Dark Dance
Northwarder Set
Durgo's Hat
Old Bell Helm
Eye of the Priestess
Garrison Ward Key
2x Brightbug
Ice Golem
Rampart Golem
Wall Watchman
Facsimile Giant
Ice Rat
Stray Dog
Undead Laborer
Forest Spirit
Covetous Demon (Ivory King DLC)
Flexile Sentry (Ivory King DLC)
Maldron the Assassin
Invader Holy Knight Aurheim
Invader Hexer Nicholai
Invader Castaway Witch Donna
Ice Rapier
Rampart Golem Lance
Rampart Golem Shield
Rampart Golem Set
Retainer Staff
Retainer's Short Sword
Retainer Robe
Ivory Warrior Ring
Symbol of Avarice
Catarina Armor


Eleum Loyce existed to subdue the raging flame, but when the ivory gates were flung open, the land grew cold and lifeless.1

A grand walled city, shrouded in a veil of snow.



  • Outer Wall
    The initial bonfire, found after opening the metal gate with the Frozen Flower.
  • Abandoned Dwelling
    Found in a building containing a broken wooden floor. Cannot backtrack to the Outer Wall bonfire from here.
  • Expulsion Chamber
    After collecting the Garrison Ward Key, go to the locked door that is immediately to the left of the first lever gate in the Abandoned Dwelling area.
    There is a coffin here that leads to Frigid Outskirts when used.


Map (Japanese)

Video Walkthrough
Item Guide Part I Part II Part III

Locations of the Loyce Knights

Loyce Knights will help you in the fight against the Burnt Ivory King. There are four in total.

  • One
    The first can be found in the Inner Wall area. To get to him, follow the usual path until you reach the three golems surrounding a chest. Head to the right, where the ice was previously blocking passage. Follow this path until you reach a door. Open it and talk to the Eleum Loyce knight who is sitting in the chair.
  • Two
    The second can be found once you reach the Lower Garrison bonfire. From this bonfire, open the gate to the ice cavern and continue down. Once in the cavern with the Covetous Demon, look for a passage in the leftmost wall. Follow it and head right. Follow this path until you reach an elevator. Take the elevator up and head up the hill. Once at the top of the hill you will reach a temple. Open the doors to the temple, and talk to the Eleum Loyce knight who is sitting in the chair.
  • Three
    The third can be found near the invasion position of Castaway Witch Donna. To reach him, you need to start at the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, run until you reach the ramparts. Then go down the staircase that was blocked by ice, and continue until you reach the bottom of the area. Once at the bottom, head out through the tunnel and unlock the shortcut, which will allow you to run from the Inner Wall bonfire to the knight very easily. Once you have dispatched Castaway Witch Donna, open the doors to the temple, and talk to the Eleum Loyce knight who is sitting in the chair.
  • Four
    The fourth and final knight is already ready to fight the Burnt Ivory King, staying on a raised platform behind the fog gate.



  • The sorcery Soul Flash can be found in a metal chest after moving the elevator filled with rubble in the first series of rooms after the Outer Wall bonfire.
  • To find the Old Bell Helm, take a left instead of a right just before the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire into a room. Break the boxes and continue along the path until you reach the item.
  • The Northwarder Set can be found up a ladder next to the metal chest that contains Soul Flash. The elevator full of junk has to be called up first.
  • After the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, head along the path until you see a opening between two buildings consisting of a snowy drift. Walk over the drift and along the ledge to find the Ring of the Embedded.
  • After the courtyard, enter the building to the left of the broken bridge and ascend to the top. In the leftmost chest is a Soul Vessel. In the middle chest is a Sorcerer's Twinblade. In the rightmost chest are two Divine Blessings.
  • After finding the three metal chests, drop down to the right and continue until you find a tree with a corpse on. The corpse is holding the Dark Clutch Ring.
  • On a corpse lending on a grate, you will find two Goldenfruit Balm.
  • In the small courtyard with three dogs, you will find a Winged Spear +7.
  • At the bottom of the small courtyard's staircase, take a immediate left and you will find five Torches.
  • In the corridor after the small courtyard, you will find a clearing to your right. The corpses are holding a Dried Root, a Retainer Staff and one holding two Goldenfruit Balm.
  • In the large courtyard, after the tunnel head to the left and pick up five Small Blue Burr.
  • In the turret room after the first gate of the Abandoned Dwelling area, there is a mimic holding Catarina Armor. The chest next to it contains a Titanite Slab. The next chest contains seven Old Radiant Lifegems. The next chest contains three Bonfire Ascetic. The final chest contains two Brightbugs.
  • On the ramparts, there is a corpse hold fifteen Prism Stones, and another holding two Goldenfruit Balm. Also, at the end of the ramparts is a Pharros Lockstone contraption. Using it will give access to a metal chest contain Durgo's Hat.
  • At the opposite end of the ramparts is a metal chest holding three Elizabeth Mushrooms.
  • After the ramparts there is a tower containing several dogs. Once you have the Eye of the Priestess, a previously invisible ladder will appear to the left of the door to this tower. Climb up it and open the metal chest to receive Splintering Lightning Spear. You can technically climb the ladder while it's still invisible as well. Also, at the bottom of this tower is a Human Effigy.
  • After dropping down the broken staircase, there is a corpse holding two Green Blossoms. After this, follow the path and ascend the tower to find a table with the Eye of the Priestess on.
  • Just before the Inner Wall bonfire, there is two corpses, one holding a Skeptic's Spice, and the other holding five Alluring Skull.
  • After the Inner Wall bonfire, in the room containing the two golems are two metal chests. The first metal chest is a mimic holding the Symbol of Avarice. The second contains three Twinkling Titanite and three Petrified Dragon Bone
  • In the chest surrounded by three golems is a Curved Nil Greatsword.
  • Enter the area after the three golems, normally blocked by ice. Follow the path around and you will find a corpse holding three Flame Butterfly. To the right of this corpse is an illusionary wall. Open it and drop down onto the bridge. Head forward and up the staircase until you reach a metal chest. This chest contains a Fire Clutch Ring. Head back to the bridge and follow the path to the left. Eventually you will reach a ledge that drops onto a bridge. Drop down and go to the right. You should see a metal chest. Open it to receive a Twin-headed Greatbow.
  • After taking the elevator down to the Lower Garrison area, you will see two corpses. One corpse is holding two Goldenfruit Balm. Another is holding two Monastery Charms.
  • In the Lower Garrison area there is a corpse holding two Twilight Herbs. Further on is another corpse holding two Old Growth Balm.
  • Near the Lower Garrison bonfire is a corpse holding two Magic Stones. Near the large, metal gate is a metal chest containing three Boltstones.
  • In the area with the Covetous Demon are several corpses, one holding one Dried Root, another holding another Dried Root. One leading on the wall holding a Large Club +8. Another holding two Twinkling Titanite. And two at the back of the cavern, one holding three Smooth and Silky Stones and the other holding one Crimson Water. The Covetous Demon himself will drop the Ivory Warrior Ring.
  • In the area after the Covetous Demon, there is a corpse holding five Charcoal Pine Resin. On a ledge nearby is a corpse holding one Pharros Lockstone. Travel up the elevator to reach the other side of the broken bridge, and pick up Azal's Staff, four Radiant Lifegem and three Cracked Red Eye Orbs. Climb to the top of the hill behind you and pick up three Vine Balm from a corpse.
  • To get to the Bone Fist, return to the area just before the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, after speaking to Alsanna, Silent Oracle. There will be a new path going forward. Follow the path, light the sconces and the stone door will open into a cave. In this cave a couple of corpses. On the behind the illusionary wall is the Bone Fist, whilst on the other one is two Human Effigies. At the end of the cave is a Flexile Sentry, defeat it and pick up the Garrison Ward Key.


  • Most of the loot, the Expulsion Chamber bonfire, and the Lower Garrison bonfire will be inaccessible until you defeat Aava, the King's Pet and speak to Alsanna, Silent Oracle.
  • The difficulty of this area means that generally shades do not last long enough to help release the Loyce Knights. After clearing the ice you can use a bonfire ascetic at the Outer Wall bonfire to allow summoning of phantoms. This of course increases the difficulty and respawns Aava but it's worth it as the areas where the Loyce Knights are waiting have some difficult enemies that are best to take on in a group.
  • Torches will immediately extinguish when the area is under a blizzard.
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