Frigid Outskirts


Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Lud, the King's Pet & Zallen, the King's Pet Head of Vengarl
Abbess Feeva
Manhunter O'Harrah
Mirrah Hat
Ring of the Living
Ice Stallion
Exiled Brave
Undead Laborer
Rampart Golem
Petrified Dragon Bone


A great, white expanse.

To access the area, you need the Garrison Ward Key to unlock the Expulsion Chamber bonfire in Frozen Eleum Loyce. The door is on the ramparts overlooking the first bonfire, Outer Wall.
A coffin here can then be entered and used as a sleigh. You cannot return to Eleum Loyce except by dying, warping or killing the boss and using the warp.

Those who don't have the DLC can be summoned here if they place their summon signs in the "graveyard" before the door that requires a Frozen Flower.


Frozen Eleum Loyce




Map (Japanese)

Walkthrough 1 (Main Walkthrough)

This whole area is covered in a blinding blizzard. This makes it very hard to navigate, and can allow the enemies to catch you off guard. Occasionally, the blizzard will die down, allowing you to see where to go next.

From the direction you spawn facing (12:00), walking backwards to the left (7:30) will bring you to an area with two NPC summon signs.

One of the ruined houses contains a Pharros contraption which creates a healing pool of water. This can be used for NPC summons.

To get to the boss, stick to the right wall, go until you see the cliff, move along the cliff to the left you should see a path to go down and lead to the boss room. Ignore the horses, they will keep respawning more and more and you will be overwhelmed eventually if you keep on killing them. The 2 NPC summons will provide great distraction.

Frigid Outskirts & Boss Walk-through Video

Walkthrough 2 (Boring but easy)

From the coffin, walk towards the light. You should encounter one horse on your way to the wall. Kill it, and continue following the light until you hit a wall. When you hit the wall, travel to the left of it for a very, very, very long time. This is a very long way with several horses (4 or 5) but it's the easiest and you shouldn't get lost on your way. As you continue following the wall, you'll end up by the cliff sooner or later. Follow the edge of the cliff to get the Ring of the Living on a corpse, and keep going until you reach the path. Then you can enter the boss fog. If you stick to this path but die a lot by the horses, they will eventually despawn, so it is recommended to just kill them on your way. DO NOT waste any Estus while fighting the horses. You may need as much Estus as possible to win against Lud, the King's Pet & Zallen, the King's Pet.

Walkthrough with only 3 horses to fight and no human enemies.

The key to accomplishing this very easy method to get to the boss gate is to run from building to building without stopping. From the summoning area, face the first building and when the blizzard clears immediately run to the back left corner of the building. There should be no horses to kill on this stretch. Go to the front door of this building and look towards the next building. Once the blizzard clears again, run to the corpse that is slightly left of the building and about halfway there. Once you get to the corpse angle a little right and run directly towards the building. You will be in a blizzard when you get to the corpse, so you have to guess how much to turn. Do not fight the horse that will spawn, just try to dodge or tank the lightning. Once you reach the building, kill the hollows and horse, heal if necessary and prepare for the next stretch. Go to the door on the side with the Pharros Contraption and wait for the next clearing. Immediately run to the back left corner of the next building. You will not aggro the human enemy but will have one horse to dodge on the way. Once inside kill the hollow and fight the horse on the raised area inside the building. Hopefully, the rampart golem will ignore you until you are done. Kill the golem and prepare for the last stretch. Looking straight out the door where the golem was, you can see the pathway down to the bridge. You want to aim a little right of that so that you are dropping into the pathway about halfway. When it is clear run to the pathway and drop into it. Fight the single horse that should spawn down in the pathway before walking out onto the bridge. Now proceed to the boss. This can be done with or without summons. The two NPC summons will be a good distraction for the horses while you are running between buildings. Here is a video of this method showing both with and without summons:

Frigid Outskirts the easy way


  • The Ice Stallions can be despawned. The reason that there seems to be so many of them is that they appear to spawn soon after being killed instead of when the area is reloaded. I would draw a line from one point to another (e.g. from one set of ruins to the next) leaving behind a trail of Prism Stones. I would move slowly until they stopped spawning where I was and move on until they started spawning again. Eventually they would stop spawning and I could run back and forth along my line without triggering any more Ice Stallions. This line was then safe permanently after dying or using the Feather. I could then eventually run through from the start all the way to the ice bridge leading to the boss without seeing any Ice Stallions. This process takes a couple hours, but given the difficulty of the boss it might be the most efficient approach for some. The Ring of Whispers can be useful to hear them coming. Please Note: If you use Prism Stones, if you die or leave the area they will be gone.



  • Only accessible from the Expulsion Chamber bonfire in Frozen Eleum Loyce.
  • Enemies here can drop some of the DLC exclusive items for co-op summons only. Ice Stallions can drop the Bone Fist.
  • A map of the area for navigation.
  • Even in a blizzard, you should be able to see light coming from the north. You start in the east and the boss is in the west, so keep the light to your right if you get lost.
  • Another way is to keep track of your shadow - even during blizzard it is, though barely, still visible. For example, wait in waypoint (e.g. structure) until blizzard ends, start moving towards next waypoint and remember where your shodow points to (compared to where you looking at). Even if you get engaged by Ice Stallions and defeat them while still in blizzard you will be able to keep on going without need of waiting for it to wear off. Just beware of hills as they block light from casting a shadow.
  • The Sun shining in the North is very blinding. Because of this, you will not be able to see anything in this direction even if the Blizzard has passed.
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