Forgotten Key
Forgotten Key

In-Game Description

Key found in the Gutter.
Intricately designed, but of unknown origin.

All manner of terrible things have been
cast into the Gutter in Majula, forming a
settlement of filth and chaos.


The key can be used to open the following doors:


Dropped by the two Elite Giants in Black Gulch.

From the first bonfire walk downwards, until the first worm attacks you from the wall. At this point walk off the cliff on the right side. You will land on a ledge with a door, which you will be able to open as soon as you have the Forgotten Key. Look for a corpse underneath the ledge and drop down towards it. From there you will be able to drop to an even lower ledge with a cave entrance. Inside this cave entrance you will find two Elite Giants. The second one will always drop the key and a Soul of a Giant.


  • Poison Arrows are helpful if you have trouble killing the Giants.
  • Using a bow and large amounts of arrows one can hide inside on of the two smaller caverns in the area (preferably the one with the chest due to its larger size and lack of holes to fall into) and shoot arrows from within the relative safety of the smaller caverns although on occasion some of the Elite Giant's attacks will connect through the wall.
  • Fast way to the Forgotten Key: Rush the Dragonrider and get to Lonesome Gavlan in No-man's Wharf and buy 20 poison throwing knives, buy the Silvercat Ring in Majula and go into the Gutter. From there, make a run for the Black Gulch and kill the giants with poison. If you hit all knives, you will still need to finish off one giant with melee, if you do not have another ranged option. It takes four knives to poison a giant; applying poison two times almost kills them.
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