Forest of Fallen Giants

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Notable Loot #2 Enemies Enemy Drops
The Last Giant
The Pursuer
Cale the Cartographer
Mild Mannered Pate
Merchant Hag Melentia
Benhart of Jugo
Ruined Aflis
White Sign Soapstone
Small White Sign Soapstone
Estus Flask Shard
Seed of a Tree of Giants
House Key
Hand Axe
Light Crossbow
Mail Breaker
Sorcerer's Staff
Bastard Sword
Fire Longsword
Great Soul Arrow
Life Ring
Chloranthy Ring
Ring of Restoration
Flame Quartz Ring +1
Hawk Ring
Blue Wooden Shield
Small Leather Shield
Large Leather Shield
Rebel's Greatshield
Infantry Helm
Leather Set
Drangleic Set (no helmet)
Drangleic Sword
Drangleic Shield
Hollow Infantry
Hollow Soldier
Old Ironclad Soldier
Flame Salamander
Crystal Lizard
Invader Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
Dark Souls II:
Heide Knight
Scholar of the First Sin:
Royal Swordsman
Invisible Hollow
Armorer Dennis
Bonfire Intensity 2+ only enemies:
Red Phantom Old Ironclad Soldier
Red Phantom Hollow Soldier
Roaming Soul Knight Phantom
Roaming Soul Syan Knight Phantom
Roaming Soul Catarina Knight
Hollow Infantry Set
Bandit's Knife
Short Bow
Infantry Axe
Foot Soldier Sword
Foot Soldier Shield
Hollow Soldier Set
Winged Spear
Bastard Sword
Long Bow
Hollow Soldier Shield
Old Ironclad Set
Heide Knight Sword
Heide Knight Set
Fire Orb
Great Fireball
Catarina Set


In the middle of this forest lies a rundown fort that was severely damaged during the war with the giants.
The soldiers tasked with defending this fort succumbed to the curse of the undead and hollowed long ago,
but they remain a threat to any who would seek to uncover the fort's secrets.
And the undead that protect this fort are not the only threat…



  • The Crestfallen's Retreat
    In the area with the first hollows, before climbing the ladder to the fort.
  • Cardinal Tower
    After the first firebomb-throwing Hollow Soldier, behind a set of doors after climbing the ladder.
  • Soldier's Rest
    After opening the door under the Cardinal Tower (in the room before the massive roots), continue until you find the bonfire at the back of the area. Requires Soldier Key.
  • The Place Unbeknownst
    Behind the King's Door. Requires King's Ring or a tricky jump (Video).


Forest of Fallen Giants Map (Japanese)

Completionist Walkthrough

Item Guide Part I

Item Guide Part II

Item Guide Part III (Soldier's Rest)

Bonfire and Twinkling Titanite before King's Ring

First visit

  1. From Majula, you enter this area along the coast by The Far Fire bonfire. Going through a tunnel a bit, you'll come across a switch you will need to pull in order to open the large gate. Further on in the cave, cross a wooden bridge and take a left down to a chest containing a Human Effigy. Across the way, you can see another item, a Homeward Bone and a Soul of a Lost Undead. If you want to risk the jump (a fall will kill you) go ahead, but you can reach it hassle free just outside. Go back to the bridge and follow the right hand path down out of the cave and in to the forest proper. On your right you can follow the river upstream to get the items mentioned earlier.
  2. Following the river, you will come across some hollows before you reach this areas first bonfire right across the river, The Crestfallen's Retreat. In SotFS, an Ogre spawns in the river, which will not go hostile unless you go too close.
  3. Kill the Hollow Infantry infesting the area. Watch out for the one feigning death near the end of the stream. Climb the ladder.
  4. At the top, you enter an open courtyard with a large tree as its centerpiece There is a Heide Knight resting under the tree. He is not hostile until you attack him (Does not spawn in SofTS). There are three Hollow Infantry wandering about and an archer just out of reach. Dispatch these hollows and head through the opening to your right. Head up the ladder here and take out two more hollows on the stairs. Find your way to the archer along the ledge and the treasure just beyond.
  5. There are two items up here. One past the archer (Shortsword and Soul of a Lost Undead) and another just past the top of the stairs (Soul of a Nameless Soldier). Head back down the ladder and look down and behind you. The items (10x Throwing Knife and Soul of a Nameless Soldier) on that bluff can be reached with a good jump. Make your way back up to courtyard and just by the fog gate is another hollow playing dead. Kill it and pass through.
  6. Follow the tunnel down until you see a sharp bend to the left. Ahead of you there will be a hole in the wall. At this point you can pass through the hole into the room beyond or follow the corridor round to the left to enter the same room via the door. If you pass through the hole, you'll land pretty much on top of two Hollow Infantry, who may prove tough in the confined space. Taking the corridor to the left, however, holds its own danger as there's a hollow waiting to chop you in the face as you round the corner. Whichever path you choose, you'll need to fight all three of these hollows. Once they're defeated, break the bookcase behind the door to find 20 Wooden Bolts.
  7. Having cleared the room, continue up the corridor, taking care of the Hollow Royal Soldier on your way. You'll see a large hole in the wall to your left. Don't bother trying to climb out through it - we'll come back here later. Instead, continue up the stairs. There's an archer at the top just waiting to put an arrow in your eye. At the top of the stairs, you may become quickly overwhelmed, as you'll be greeted by the archer we just mentioned, a Hollow Infantryman and a firebomb-hurling Hollow Soldier perched on a branch above the stairs.
  8. In front of the top of the staircase you'll see a ladder, but don't climb it just yet - first turn around and head over to the large slabs of stone behind the branch where the firebomb hollow was. Be careful as you approach - there's a hollow waiting for you, hidden by one of the large chunks of stone. Once he's dispatched, grab the Buckler from a corpse and then head up the ladder.

Cardinal Tower

  1. At the top of the ladder, you'll see a large set of doors ahead and to your right. Don't pass through them just yet, though. First go past the doors and turn right into the little alley. Here's a Hollow Soldier playing dead. Dispatch him quickly and then grab the five Witching Urns on the corpse to your left. Then head back to the doors, open them and enjoy warmth of the second bonfire!
  2. Light the bonfire then go upstairs, break the door (hit it a few times) and open the chests. There is a Hollow Soldier playing dead who will rise as you proceed through the door. In the next room grab an Estus Flask Shard and the Small White Sign Soapstone. You can jump here and back to the bonfire (there is a Divine Blessing on a branch).
  3. From here you should step back through the door (that leads you this bonfire) and you will see a deck. Drop down and you will see two hollows, keep going and you will see on your left a hole on the wall (same hole that you saw when you first come right before the second bonfire). Don't bother and keep going till you see a edge with a loot, jump and keep going and go jump wood by wood till the ground and kill the six hollows walking around. You will see two caves, the first one has a body with a Hollow Soldier Helm, and second one is on fire and has some burned corpses in front of it.
  4. Keep going deeper till you see the giant Flame Salamander, just wait a second and learn his pattern and run to the door on your left, inside you will find a Fire Longsword. Get back, and go to your left, till you reach a pile of trash and you will find a ladder leading you close to the hole mentioned above.
  5. Use the hole and get back to the 2nd bonfire. From here you should go down the ladder and go to your left, kill three hollows (one before the bridge, one patrolling and one after the bridge). Grab the treasures and and forget this doors by now, go to the only way you can keep going. Kill another sleeping hollow and pass the mist. A bunch of hollows will annoy you with arrows and two will come after you, just get back and wait for these two. There's a lot to do here, but for practicality's sake it's best to open the shortcut for the second bonfire and skip this area for now.
  6. Head up to the top of the root, onto the wall, and look to your left. There are two hollows behind some planks, and one above. Kill the two on the ground first. If you head up the nearby ladder to take care of the bomb-throwing hollow, be prepared: The Pursuer will drop down on you. At this stage in the game you're not likely to survive this fight. Best to hold on until you're stronger. You could always take care of the bomb-throwing hollow with arrows or spells, but don't do that yet unless you have firebombs or pyromancy to spare. Notice all those black barrels over there by the cracked wall, right at the end? If they get hit by fire, the wall blasts open, and voila: You have a neat little shortcut back to the bonfire.
  7. Once you break the wall it's a good idea to go back to previously skipped area. Drop down into a house in more or less half way of that giant root and will see a hollow here an a loot, then drop down again. On the ground there is an archer near ladder, kill him and climb up. Keep cleaning the place on the roofs till you see a place where you need to jump. before you jump you may want to drop down to a building and find some titanite on a body near the gate. If you did that go back up and jump.
  8. Kill another archer and keep going till you see a cave, walk carefully because a rock will roll over you and grab grab some Amber Herbs from a body. Talk to Cale the Cartographer until he gives you House Key, which opens the mansion in Majula. Exit the cave and climb the ladder. There will be one last archer on a wall if you didn't shoot him earlier. Now go back to the second bonfire.
  9. Exit through the broken wall and go left. Kill two soldiers and drop down. On NG+ there will be Knight Phantom on top of a gate that will come down to fight you. Enter to your right and quickly pull back. There are some soldiers shooting ballistas at you. If you are lucky they will kill one of their own. Kill rest of them and grab all the Great Soul Arrow and Blue Wooden Shield. Drop a floor down. Wooden chest is trapped but has some titanite in it. If you have Pharros' Lockstone you can access two chests - one with Chloranthy Ring and another with Titanite Slab. Knock on a door and a hollow will open, kill him and his friends and get some more titanite and Life Ring from a chest. Go back up and exit the room with ballistae.
  10. Go forward, in front of you there is an Old Ironclad Soldier (in SotFS replaced by two Hollow Soldiers. You can ignore him until you deal with the Soldiers throwing firebombs at you. To the right you will find a dead Giant - there is a soul item behind him. Climb up the ladder. In SotFS there is an Invisible Hollow, near the brazier. Attack the shadows. You will find a Light Crossbow here, you can use it to kill those firebomb throwing soldiers. Enter their barracks and get a Infantry Helm and Mail Breaker from the metal chest. Drop down and deal with the Ironclad. Watch out as he can blow up the black barrels with his attacks. Now go talk to Mild Mannered Pate sitting near the gate.
  11. Whatever you liked him or not enter the doorway. Don't worry there is way out of here. Just fight your way through. There are about six soldier in the building but they won't attack you all at once. Just before stairs there is an illusory wall on the right. Sorcerer's Staff is in the chest behind it.
  12. After you fought your way through drop down and talk with Pate. He will give you the White Sign Soapstone. Jolly good!
  13. Go back to were you fought the Ironclad and go through the opening. There is a body up the stairs to your right. To your left there are more soldiers. There is one body one the ground and another on the end of a giant sword guarded by soldier. After you deal with this area enter the fog gate.
  14. There is a Crystal Lizard in a room to your right. You might wake up the sleeping soldier while you kill the lizard. There is a Small Leather Shield in a dead end downstairs. Exit the room and go right. You should unlock a door here. This will lead you back to a second bonfire.
  15. Ride down the elevator to fight the Last Giant. If you summon Pate and he survives the fight with the boss, he will give you his armor set, spear and ring later in the game.

Soldier Key

  1. You get the Soldier Key from the Last Giant. There are four locked doors nearby to open:
    1. One is up the stairs in the same room as the Cardinal Tower bonfire. This door can be destroyed with weapons.
    2. The second locked door is down the ladder and across the bridge, and leads to a treasure chest containing a Ring of Restoration, and the King's Gate. The gate is impassable for now.
    3. The third locked door is easy to miss: Once you head down the ladder, and you enter the room just before you head up the giant root, look to your right. You'll see a sconce and the locked door. Inside you'll encounter a dark corridor full of Ironclads and a sleeping hollow to your left. Continue to the open outside area.
  2. On top of the roof you can find three Cracked Red Eye Orbs. Inside the building is a free Bastard Sword.
  3. If you go in the opening closest to door you entered the area through, you can harvest a Seed of a Tree of Giants from the tree if you're lucky. In the second-closest opening, there is a third bonfire: Soldier's Rest. On NG+ Catarina Knight will drop down on you as you enter room with a Giant's remains At the back of the area there is a chest on some scaffolding, containing the Leather Set.
  4. The last Soldier Key door is located in the area behind the first Ironclad. There are two soldiers there (and one Red Phantom on NG+). In SotFS three Royal Swordsman and one Hollow Soldier archer are in the corridor behind this door. If you didn't already kill the Pursuer there is a fog gate leading to his boss fight. After you kill him go to the next room and drop down to find a body with the Drangleic Set, sword and shield. Go back up and interact with the bird's nest. This is one way travel to the Lost Bastille.

After obtaining King's Ring and Ashen Mist Heart

  1. Now that you have King's Ring you can open the King's Gate. You will find the fourth bonfire here. Here you can enter Memory of Jeigh and fight the Giant Lord. Drop down to loot two Twinkling Titanite from a body.
  2. The giant's remains behind the area where you fought the Pursuer lead to Memory Of Orro and the ones near Pate's trap will lead to Memory of Vammar.
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