Forest Guardian

aka Roaming Soul

Forest Guardian


Guardian spirits lurking in the thick fog of the central Shaded Woods. Their identities are completely unknown as they barely maintain corporeal forms and are almost invisible against the mist. Are they fallen soldiers of a war long past, or the remnants of a clan that once dwelled in this ancient land?1

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 900 450
2 1,500 900
8 ? 1,800
  • 14 Forest Guardians reside in the foggy forest.
  • The Redeye Ring has no effect on these enemies.
  • Any homing attacks such as Homing Soulmass do not attack them automatically.
  • You cannot lock on to this enemy.
  • They are not entirely invisible, as their silhouettes reveal them. But the mist hides them well.
  • They can be backstabbed.
  • Once you collect the Eye of the Priestess from Frozen Eleum Loyce, they become visible ( Scholar of the first sin only ).
  • Hitting the trees with faces on them has the effect of luring nearby guardians. They become distracted and attack the trees.

Tip: The phantoms can become easier to see by casting any kind of spell that creates an aura on the enemy, such as profound still.
Tip: Highly recommended to wear Jester's Robes while exploring Misty Forest, as the Forest Guardian enemies can backstab you for high damage.
Tip: Unveil can be used to track their general location, but beware, it can lead you to an entire group, not just a single enemy.


Shaded Woods
Found in the woods and the ruins around the Shaded Ruins bonfire.




  • Medium Fire, Magic, Lightning and Dark Resistance


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