Flynn's Ring

flynn's ring

In-Game Description

Ring of Flynn, the infamous thief.
Utilizes the strength of the wind,
such that lower equip load proportionally
increases physical attack.

Flynn was known as a tiny fighter
who packed a mighty punch.
Even the most skilled warriors in
the land failed to capture him.


In Dragon's Sanctum. Found in a metal chest above the room full of Corrosive Egg Insects.

General Information

Increases the physical Attack Rating of all weapons. AR bonus scales negatively with maximum equipment load.

Name Use Durability Weight
Flynn's Ring Increases physical damage; Damage increases with lower equip load (maximum 50 AR bonus) 30 0.2


  • To get the maximum damage you must have less than 60 maximum equip load (14 Vitality, 9 with Third Dragon Ring).
  • Strangely, the ring gives 50 AR to some weapons even when the equip load goes over 60 ( but still less than 60.5).
  • The ring loses 1 point to the 50 points of bonus physical damage for every 0.5 units you go over 60 with your maximum equip load.
  • This ring will show an increase to the AR, but not increase the actual dealt damage of arrows or any form of critical damage.
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