Flexile Sentry
Flexile Sentry


This monstrous, contorted sentry was assigned the task of emptying the dungeons of poor, cursed souls. This terrifying lizard-like creature oversees the ferrying of undead into the Lost Bastille. The Bastille is one of your destinations, but will you go as a triumphant warrior, or as an imprisoned hollow?



Location Description
No-man's Wharf Boss fight inside the ship.
Shaded Woods Mini-boss near the Shrine of Winter. Only in Dark Souls II.
Sinner's Rise At the bottom of the elevator, in the second, leftmost room. Only in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.
Weakness Percentage Resistance Percentage
Strike 100% Fire 65%
Thrust 100% Magic 45%
Slash 100% Lightning 30%
Projectile 100% Dark 45%
Poison Susceptible
Bleed Immune
Drop Rarity Notes
Flexile Sentry Soul Guaranteed Dropped from the one in No-man's Wharf.
Twinkling Titanite Guaranteed Dropped from the one in the Shaded Woods.
Titanite Chunk seldom Dropped from the one in Sinner's Rise.
Attack Description Parryable Blockable


This fight is quite simple: block or dodge his attacks, then attack him while he's recovering. Use the large pillar in the middle of the room to block his advances and force him to attack.

It's recommended to finish this fight quickly. Two minutes into the fight (or after the boss is at 50% health), the water in the room starts to rise. The water will only rise to just below the shoulders, but once it gets that far, you will have an exceptionally difficult time maneuvering.

After the boss is dead, continue through the next doorway and make sure to open the chest for a Pyromancy Flame. You can then use the ship's compass to sail yourself over to the Lost Bastille.

You can buy some Poison Arrows from Lonesome Gavlan to make the fight even easier.


  • There are two Suspicious Shadows with unique drops in the boss arena in NG+ and beyond.
  • Circling around to its "back" (non-active side) is a sane method of attack - if you time it with its cool-down period after its attack.
  • While on the docks, if you have Lucatiel summoned, make sure her path is clear and that you stay out of her way – she may fall into the water otherwise, depriving you of your phantom before you even reach the boss fog.
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