Flame Quartz Ring
flame quartz ring

In-Game Description

A ring bestowed upon students of a
certain standard at the Melfian Magic Academy.
Its fire-based quartz increases fire defense.

There are rumors that Pyromancer Glocken
has made a hefty profit selling these replicas.


Flame Quartz Ring

Sold by Rosabeth of Melfia for 2,000 souls.

Flame Quartz Ring +1

Forest of Fallen Giants treasure. Located in a metal chest in the area with the Flame Salamanders.

Flame Quartz Ring +2

Rare drop from the Guardian Dragons in the Dragon Aerie - Dark Souls 2
Guaranteed drop from the first Guardian Dragon in the Dragon Aerie - Scholar of the First Sin

Flame Quartz Ring +3

Treasure in Brume Tower. In the room with the first Iron Warrior, surrounded by Ashen Warriors and an Ashen Idol.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Flame Quartz Ring Increases Fire defense by 50 points. 140 0.2
Flame Quartz Ring +1 Increases Fire defense by 75 points. 110 0.5
Flame Quartz Ring +2 Increases Fire defense by 100 points. 90 0.8
Flame Quartz Ring +3 Increases Fire defense by 150 points. 75 1.0
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