In-Game Description

Bisque urn filled with black powder.
Explodes, inflicting fire damage.

Though this urn is a crude and commonplace
weapon, it owes its continued usage to its
simplicity and effectiveness in a variety
of situations.


Explodes, inflicting Fire damage.
Base damage from a direct hit is: 200 + 1.3 x Fire Bonus

The explosion can deal damage to many nearby enemies at once.



  • Can be batted out of the air, or even back at the thrower.
  • Can be used to blow up barrels of explosive substance in various places:
    • In the Forest of Fallen Giants, near the Firebomb-throwing Hollow Soldier standing alone on a wall there are barrels. Throwing a Firebomb here will cause them to blow up the wall and open a shortcut to the Cardinal Tower bonfire.
    • In the lower part of the Bastille, where three dogs guard a gate at the base of a long staircase, which has an explosive barrel and a large enemy at its peak. Push the explosive barrel down the stairs to destroy the weakened wall to the left of the door, revealing a bonfire and the rear entrance to McDuff's smithy. If the barrel does not explode on its own, you can simply nudge it into place and detonate it yourself with a Firebomb. May be able to set off barrel with any weapon that does Fire damage.
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