Fire Seed
Fire Seed

In-Game Description

A tiny waning flame.
Used to strengthen a pyromancy flame.

A pyromancy flame serves as the catalyst
for pyromancies, and scales the strength of
each spell according to its level.

Fire is a common object of worship.
It can never be grasped, and its mystery
stokes the human imagination.


Used to upgrade Pyromancy Flames at Rosabeth of Melfia or Carhillion of the Fold.


Where to buy:

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Rosabeth of Melfia 8,000 souls 3

Chests and Corpse locations:

Other sources:


Fire seeds do not reappear if a Bonfire Ascetic is used, no matter whether it was on corpse or a chest. It is a one-time loot in each location. They do reappear in NG+. The only exception is the seed found in Giant Memory.


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