Fire Greatarrow

In-Game Description

Greatarrows imbued with fire.
Tipped with Charcoal Pine Resin.

Weapons fortified with fire are effective
against foes vulnerable to fire, such
as Undead or beasts.

If you require magic but have learned none
yourself, these will serve you well.


Greatarrows that deal Fire damage.
Equip to an arrow slot in the Equipment Menu to fire with a Greatbow.


Where to Buy

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Royal Sorcerer Navlaan 180 souls

Chest and Corpse Locations

General Information

Icon Name Damage Damage Type Auxiliary Effects
YEjsChM.png Fire Greatarrow 100/0/200/0/0 Thrust Large Blast Radius


  • Likely due to the increased blast-radius, the Fire damage of these arrows is weaker than the Lightning damage of Lightning Greatarrows.
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