Felkin the Outcast
Felkin the Outcast


Once an underachieving scholar from the famous Melfian Magic Academy, now an unhinged hexer clearly obsessed with Dark.

It's unclear whether he was genuinely drawn to Drangleic in his search of the darkest darkness or was just another Undead who fell for it.


Huntsman's Copse
Right before the Undead Refuge bonfire, sitting in a chair and staring straight into a stone wall.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1550 1,750
2 3100 3,500
8 ? 7,000


Sells various hexes. Refuses to deal with anyone who doesn't have at least 8 base Faith and 8 base Intelligence1.


Weapons Total Soul Cost Notes
Archdrake Staff 4,000
Archdrake Chime 4,000
Chaos Rapier 7,500 Only in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
Chaos Shield 7,000 Only in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
Rings Total Soul Cost Notes
Ring of Life Protection 1 6,000 Saves souls on death, but breaks.
Consumables Total Soul Cost Notes
Dark Pine Resin 1,500 Apply Dark to right-hand weapon.
Scrolls Total Soul Cost Notes
Magic Barrier 1 2,700 Miracle
Dark Orb 1 600 Hex
Dark Weapon 1 2,700 Hex
Great Resonant Soul 1 3,400 Hex
Resonant Soul 1 1,100 Hex
Resonant Flesh 1 3,400 Hex
Resonant Weapon 1 4,000 Hex



  • He's impressed by power. Talk to him with at least 20 Faith and 20 Intelligence and he will gift you his hexing apparel and Sunset Staff.
  • Stat-boosting items won't count towards his requirements. You must naturally have every point.
  • Players may meet his requirements, speak to him once, then soul vessel to return faith and intelligence to base levels, and still have access to his wares upon returning to talk to him.
  • Killing him will not affect your standing with the Pilgrims of Dark.
  • Same voice actor as Laurentius of the Great Swamp
  • Casts Pyromancies with his Sunset Staff when provoked


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Voiced by: Andy Gathergood

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