Felicia the Brave


A female White Phantom attired in the Knight's Set.


Shrine of Amana
Dark Souls II: Found in the hut just past the Ogre, from the Crumbled Ruins bonfire.
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: Found near to Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
The Lost Bastille
Found in the room with the barred windows, explosive barrels and a gate giving access to the Ruin Sentinels passage.



  • Has a tendency to charge at enemies, and can be quite helpful in drawing the attention of the nearby Amana Shrine Maidens. Should her health drop low, Felicia has a supply of Estus Flasks that she will use to heal herself.
  • Her effectiveness in clearing the way to the Demon of Song can be misleading, as she is of very little help in the actual boss fight and is unable to survive for long.
  • Though her weapon is very clearly a Heide Greatlance, it doesn't do any lightning damage.
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