Estus Flask Shard
Estus Flask Shard

In-Game Description

The shard of an Estus Flask.
Shards are deeply soaked in Estus.
Graft the shard to an Estus Flask
to increase flask uses.

Over the ages, countless souls rested their
bones as they drank from the original flask.
And now this shard remains, serving as
a vestige of their hopes and dreams.


Give the shards to the Emerald Herald in Majula to permanently increases the amount of times you can use the Estus Flask by one, to a maximum of 12 uses.


Dark Souls 2:

  • Forest of Fallen Giants: From the Cardinal Tower bonfire, go up the stairs until you reach a wooden door. Use the Soldier Key to unlock it, or simply attack it to break through. Continue through the room filled with boxes and barrels to find a room with a tree growing through a hole in the floor. The shard is inside the metal treasure chest.
  • No-man's Wharf: Far below the lever that summons the ship, is a stone house with a wooden door. Inside the house are two sleeping soldiers and several tall jars filled with poison. The metal chest containing the shard is in the corner.
  • Harvest Valley / Earthen Peak: From The Mines bonfire in Harvest Valley, head towards the Covetous Demon. When you arrive at the area containing two Mounted Overseers standing on the poisonous ground, and a Undead Steelworker guarding a wooden bridge, follow the mountain path to the right until you reach a room with numerous poison-filled pots and Undead Steelworkers. Continue through this room to a small platform overlooking a poison-filled pit. The game should state that you are now in Earthen Peak. Turn right, head down the stairs, and advance through the poisonous water to find the shard on a corpse resting against metal bars.
  • Shaded Woods: From the Shaded Ruins bonfire, head to the wooden floor trap which drops into an area containing several Basilisk enemies. Use the Fang Key to unlock the door concealing Weaponsmith Ornifex, and the shard will be on the ground in plain sight. X

Scholar of the First Sin:

  • Huntsman's Copse: From the Undead Lockaway bonfire, clear the area and go to the dropped portcullis in the skeleton caves. You will find a Crystal Lizard and a corpse holding an Estus Flask Shard.
  • The Gutter: in the area with the Heide Knight Lancer and chest with visible Aurous set, climb the long ladder upwards and the Shard will be at the top, on a corpse. It's near the zip-line.

Dark Souls 2 & Scholar of the First Sin:

  • Majula: Next to the big gaping hole in the ground is a well with a large rock resting on the edge of it. Attacking the stone will cause a corpse holding the shard to be pulled up by the rope.
  • Majula:Use the House Key to unlock the mansion. Once inside the house, head to the basement. Defeat the Skeleton and continue forward to find the shard on skeletal remains.
  • The Lost Bastille: From the Exile Holding Cells bonfire, progress until you reach a ladder. Descend the ladder, exit the small room and follow the wall to the left. On the other side of the destructible wooden scaffolding there is a narrow path which leads around the building to a metal chest holding the shard. Alternatively, from the McDuff's Workshop bonfire, follow the wall around through the dogs until you reach the narrow path. The chest is visible from the McDuff's Workshop bonfire, through a crack in the wall.
  • Brightstone Cove Tseldora: Descend the stairs from the Chapel Threshold bonfire and continue until you reach the area overlooking the quick-sand sinkhole. Find the building with the Hollow Mage, two exploding barrels, and a corpse on top of the roof. That room contains the estus shard and there is more than one way to reach it. If you have high health, and/or fall-damage reduction gear/spells, a well timed jump can place you on the landing in front of the entrance to the room. Otherwise, ride the zip-line rope down once, then follow the rock face and drop down on the wooden beams and then onto the roof of the house. Carefully step from the edge of the roof to the landing in front of the doorway, and head inside to find the shard on a pile of bones.
  • Drangleic Castle: From the Central Castle Drangleic bonfire, head down the hallway with the descending stairs. This path leads to a small circular room containing; a platform that will later rise, a locked door which leads to the Looking Glass Knight, and a ladder. Climb the ladder and enter the room containing seven Stone Soldiers and a large golem statue. Activate the golem by defeating an enemy in close proximity to it, and progress through the passage until you arrive at a large entryway decorated with numerous knight statues. From this grand entryway, head outside and down a set of stairs which leads to an armory room. Adjacent to the lever which activates the exit is a metal chest containing the estus shard.
  • Shrine of Amana: From the Crumbled Ruins bonfire, progress until you encounter the Ogre enemy. Behind the Ogre is a series of pillars which indicate the path to the shard. Carrying a lit torch will make it much easier to navigate the treacherous pathway without falling to your death. The estus shard will be near the end of this pathway on a corpse behind a pillar, and just before the metal chest containing the Sunlight Blade Miracle.


  • You'll only need to find a total of 11 shards to max out the flask's uses.
  • After reaching 12 Estus Flasks the shards can still be obtained and show up in the inventory but are unusable. Trying to upgrade the flasks further will only show a dialog saying "Estus Flask at maximum strength".


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