Equipment Load


In-Game Description

Maximum weight that can be equipped. Movement slows as your equipment load approaches maximum.

Influence of Attributes on Equipment Load

Attribute 4-29 30-49 50-69 70-98 99
Vitality +1.5 +1 +0.5 +0.5 per
2 points

Maximum Equipment Load without any additional equipment is 120. All character types start with a base equipment load of 38.5 and the vitality adjustment is added on top of this. So, a Warrior, starting with 6 vitality has an equipment load of 38.5 + 6 x 1.5 = 47.5.

Equipment load impacts the rate at which your stamina recovers in a mostly linear fashion. This means that if you are at 47% max equipment load you recover stamina slightly faster than 48% equipment load. Going from 78% to 77% will help roughly the same as going from 38% to 37%. There are no predetermined numbers which cause a large change to your normal stamina recovery rate.

Equipment load also impacts the distance you travel when rolling. Again this increases in a mostly linear fashion like stamina recovery. However there is a change in how long the roll takes to complete at 70%. At that point you will perform what is referred to as a "fat roll" which will take significantly longer to finish than a regular roll. Once you reach 100% equip load, you will steadily get slower until it reaches 120%, it seems to change in a linear fashion. Also, at 120% equip load or higher, you will not be able to roll or backstep; you will instead be "stunned." Your movement will also be very slow. However, you are still able to execute rolling attacks and backstep attacks.

Equipment load does not impact how long you are invulnerable during a roll. Look at Adaptability to see how long your character will be invulnerable during a roll. Even when performing a fat roll it will result in the same amount of invulnerable time. However because the fat roll takes longer, you will be vulnerable for a greater percent of the time when compared to a normal roll.

Equipment load also increases the amount of Falling Damage you take.

Equipment which increase maximum Equipment Load

Item Increase
Royal Soldier's Ring 10/15/20%
Armor of Aurous (T) 1.5%
Leggings of Aurous (T) 1.5%
Gauntlets of Aurous (T) 1%
Helm of Aurous (T) 1%
Penal Mask 3%
First Dragon Ring 5%
Second Dragon Ring 10%
Third Dragon Ring 12.5%
Velstadt's Helm 1 VIT
Vengarl's Helm 2 VIT

Increases to max Equip Load stack. E.g. 100 base equip load + Royal Soldier's Ring +2 and Armor of Aurous = 100 * 1.2 * 1.015 = 121.8 = 21.8% larger max Equip Load.

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