Ashen Warrior
Ashen Warrior
New Game HP Souls
0 700 440
1 880 880
7 1625 1760
Physical Weaknesses
Standard Normal
Strike Normal
Slash Resistant
Thrust Normal
Elemental Weaknesses
Magic Resistant
Fire Resistant
Lightning Resistant
Dark Resistant
Bleed Susceptible
Poison Susceptible



Brume Tower
Found throughout the map.

Iron Passage
Found throughout the map.

Item Drops


  • Jump Attack (Dual Axes) - From a standing position, jumps forward with both battle axes towards the player.
  • Triple Slash (Dual Axes) - Attacks in a slashing motion, continuing to slash if the player is hit.
  • Thrust and Guard (Halberd) - Shield is raised, and thrusts towards the player.
  • Slash (Halberd) - Slashes the halberd towards the player.
  • Running Stab (Sword) - Runs towards the player and stabs.
  • Slash (Sword) - Slashes sword towards the player.
  • Fire Arrow (Sword/Bow) - When at a distance from the player, fires an arrow towards the player.


  • Their weapons have innate Fire damage when they are aflame.


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