Ashen Idol

Ashen Idol
New Game HP Souls
0 0 0
1 0 0
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 0 0
5 0 0
6 0 0
7 0 0
Physical Weaknesses
Standard Normal
Strike Normal
Slash Normal
Thrust Normal
Elemental Weaknesses
Magic Normal
Fire Normal
Lightning Normal
Dark Normal
Bleed Immune
Poison Immune


The ashen idol is of great consequence to Nadalia, who, having renounced her flesh, entrusts her very being to it.


Brume Tower
There are a total of 11 Ashen Idols.

  1. One just after the Throne Floor bonfire.
    Effect: Outcry
  2. In a room full of Ashen Warriors soon after the Throne Floor bonfire.
    Effect: Enemy buff
  3. In the room with an Iron Warrior, surrounded by Ashen Warriors. (Before this room there are a few Cask Runners)
    Effect: Enemy buff and Outcry
  4. Inside the tower where Maldron the Assassin invades.
    Effect: Curse, Enemy buff and Revive
  5. Near / on the way to the Smelter Throne bonfire.
    Effect: Enemy heal
  6. Behind the locked door by the Foyer bonfire.
    Effect: Curse and Revive
  7. In the room with an Iron Warrior and four doors, behind the third door from the left (You should see a warmth-like glow coming from behind the door). after activating the elevators, head out to the elevator room after the Foyer bonfire. Go left; you'll see a steel platform going up; take it to the top then cross the gap using the steel platform that moves up and down. At the bottom of the steel platform, on a ledge that requires a timed jump, is the Pilgrim's Spontoon.
    This is the best Idol to skip destroying. One Idol must be skipped in order to have four Smelter Wedges for the Fume Knight boss fight.
    Effect: Enemy heal
  8. to 11. Four enclosing the Fume Knight boss arena.
    Effect: Enemy heal and Revive (One of these four revives the two Possessed Armours on the approach to the final boss).

Item Drops


The attack/effect of Ashen Idols vary:

  • A pyromancy identical to Outcry.
  • Buff that increases enemy damage resistance.
  • The idol makes a part of an area very dark and the player gets cursed until the Ashen Idol is destroyed.
  • Heal nearby enemies similarly to Warmth.
  • Revives Possessed Armor.



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