Alonne Knight Captain
Alonne Knight Captain
New Game HP Souls
0 840 1500
1 1428 3000
7 2715 6000
Physical Weaknesses
Standard Normal
Strike Weak
Slash Normal
Thrust Resistant
Elemental Weaknesses
Magic Weak
Fire Resistant
Lightning Weak
Dark Normal
Bleed Susceptible
Poison Susceptible


The leaders of the Alonne Knights don fantastic armor that retains its brilliant shine to this very day.

Despite having an army of the finest warriors equipped with the best weapons and armor to be found across the land, the Iron King's reign did not last.
A true king requires more than simply the strength of arms.


Iron Keep

  • Found throughout the map

Drangleic Castle

  • Found in the area past the Central Castle Drangleic bonfire. In Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, only one remains on top of the building containing the Estus Flask Shard.

Memory of the Old Iron King

  • Found throughout the map.

Item Drops


  • Palm Strike - A short range attack where they knock you down by hitting you with their palm and then strike down on you when you are lying with their katana
  • Quick Thrust - A quick draw that leads into a very far reaching forward thrust.
  • Quick Slash - A quick draw that leads into a regular slash.
  • Shoot - At range several of them will continuously fire homing Great Arrows at you.


  • They won't drop their special katana.
  • Their electric katana can be parried and they can be riposted.
  • When hit by a two-handed strong attack or running attack from Ultra Greatswords, they will be staggered in a way that allows you to perform a guardbreak critical attack on them. Some other attacks that can knock enemies airborne (like the spinning slash from the Majestic Greatsword, for example) also work.


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