Elana, Squalid Queen


When the Abyss dissipated, the things that called it home were fragmented and scattered across the realm.
Eventually, these pieces regained form, in ways that hinted at humanity's true nature.

This child of Dark accompanies the dragon, slowly amassing souls in anticipation of the coming day of vengeance.2


Dragon's Rest
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 9,280 72,000
2 (NG+) 12,992 144,000
8 (NG+7) 27,840 288,000


NPC Summons

  • Steelheart Ellie can be summoned from near the entrance to the boss fight.
  • Benhart of Jugo's sign is between some rubble on the opposite side of the room from the fog door.


  • Very high Dark resistance
  • High Fire and Lightning resistance
  • Moderate Magic resistance
  • Vulnerable on the physical side, very weak to Strike attacks
  • Immune to poison

Attack Patterns


Summon NPCs, 2v1 and 1v1

When Elana summons Velstadt, or skeletons, it is helpful to have the NPC summons to distract Elana while you deal with Velstadt, or the skeletons. This made the fight much easier for mr, despite the boss and the enemies being more difficult.


As soon as her dialogue starts, get close and wait for it to end, then start attacking while she's summoning her axe. She uses her axe combo almost exclusively when you're at close range (this is not true for SotFS, she uses ranged abilities at melee range very often); dodge or block the swings then roll behind her for one or two hits (no more, she recovers quickly) and repeat.

After a short while she'll start summoning, deal with the summons first. If she uses Darkstorm (telegraphed by raising her free hand for an extended period without summoning anything), rolling backwards twice will put you out of range, then close the distance and wail on her. Important: She will eventually start teleporting; when this happens close the distance before she uses any of her ranged spells.


At some point, she will summon either skeletons or Velstadt. This approach only works if she summons skeletons. You might be tempted to deal with the skeletons first, but it is actually easier to just leave them alone. This way, you prevent that she is summoning Velstadt, which makes the fight much harder. The skeletons are weak and can easily be outrun. If you get close to her, make sure you get a hit in because she will teleport away. That may be annoying, but it's actually to your advantage. This way, you automatically run away from the skeletons while you're chasing her.

Alluring Skulls

The Skeletons that Elana summons during her fight are as susceptible to Alluring Skulls as normal Skeletons. This means, with a good supply of them and good timing, you can keep the Skeletons off your back as you fight Elana. This also comes with the added benefit of Elana not being able to summon more Skeletons, Velstadt or the Piggies for as long as a single Skeleton is alive.

Extreme DPS

This approach aims to maximize your damage per second in order to keep the fight as short as humanly possible, since the fight is a lot more challenging if your dps is not high enough. One of the benefits of this approach is that Elana can summon only once during the fight. Helpful items/spells include: Flynn's Ring, Ring of Blades, Red Tearstone Ring, Chloranthy Ring, Slumbering Dragon Shield, Old Leo Ring (when using a thrusting sword), Engraved Gauntlets, Sunlight Blade, Crystal Magic Weapon, resins, Brightbug. Katanas work great due to their 150 counter damage and overall speed and stamina consumption. Alternatively, thrusting swords combined with the Old Leo Ring, or twinblades, also work. Offensive spells do not work very well in this approach due to limited casts, cast time, as well as Elana's high resistances. It's best to go with pure physical damage.

Right after entering the room just rush Elana and keep hitting her until she starts making her first move. At melee range usually she would either swing her halberd a few times or teleport and follow up by spells. It's best to just dodge these attacks rather than block them. Keep in mind not to get hasty or greedy, however. She will eventually summon, usually when her HP reaches ~70%, or sometimes 50% - this depends on what attack she just used and how fast you can damage her. If she summons the Skeletons, just kill them as fast as you can, so that you can get back to her. You can quickly kill 2 of the Skeletons right away, right after they appear, since it takes them about 2 seconds to start moving. Same goes for the Piggies. It's trickier if she summons Velstadt, since her attack pattern will be different. She tends to teleport to next to Velstadt in order to engage in melee, rather than stay back and throw spells at you like when she summons the Skeletons or Piggies. As a result, it becomes harder to hit her in melee. If you can cast spells, you can certainly get one hit in on her from time to time while dodging the both of them, but as the fight drags on, she will eventually summon again.

In case she summons the Skeletons, right after you kill all of them, she will cast Affinity - sometimes right away, sometimes after a few other attacks. It takes her a while to cast this so this is a very good chance to do as much damage to her as possible, even to finish her off. The missiles will start homing on you after about 10 seconds. These missiles can be dodged just by sprinting (at a right angle with their flying path).

The drawback of this approach is that the chance of success depends heavily on Elana's exact actions. As mentioned earlier, the fight becomes much trickier if she summons Velstadt instead of the Skeletons. And sometimes the plan will fail simply because she casts Flame Swathe instead of Dark Orb. Also, if you utilize the Red Tearstone Ring, you will not want to get hit by anything - not even once. If you are not in the Company of Champions covenant the fight is not as punishing or stressful.

Video: Elana and Velstadt
Video: Elana and Skeletons


  • Profound Still does not work on her.
  • She can summon Velstadt and skeletons at the same time. It is entirely random what she chooses to summon.
  • She cannot summon more skeletons or another Velstadt if the previous group is still alive.
  • (Xbox 360) She may summon Velstadt while the skeletons are alive if the game is glitched.
  • (PS3) on NG+, summoned Velstadt when one skeleton remained. (The same was seen at first playthrough, SotFS, PC)
  • (PC) on NG+, summoned 3 skeletons when Velstadt was alive.
  • Can cast multiple flame swath at once; be careful which way you dodge
  • Watch your Estus consumption. I found myself burning through them fairly fast, even to the point of running out, with just a few mis-timed rolls.


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