Earthen Peak

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Bonfires
Covetous Demon
Mytha The Baneful Queen
Laddersmith Gilligan
Mild-mannered Pate
Petrified Something
Manikin Mask
Spell Quartz Ring+1
Twinkling Titanite
Skeptic's Spice
Divine Blessing
Pharros' Lockstone
Mirrah Shield
Great Heavy Soul Arrow
Lightning Spear
Undead Steelworker
Poison Horn Beetle
Desert Sorceress
Grave Warden
Crescent Sickle Phantom
Lower Earthen Peak
Central Earthen Peak
Upper Earthen Peak




General Notes

  • The windmill before the second bonfire can be burned with a Torch. Doing so lowers the amount of poison in the boss room and removes other poison pools around the level.
  • Jester Thomas can be summoned near the boss door, a strong NPC who uses pyromancies. His summon sign is located on the right side of the staircase near the two Wardens guarding the entrance to the boss. You will not be able to see his summon sign unless you've lowered the poison level by burning the windmill near the Central Earthen Peak bonfire.
  • A Pharros' Device is located at the top of the area, in a room filled with breakable poison jars. Activating it creates a water spring if you burned the windmill mentioned earlier; if you didn't, it creates a poison spring. The water spring heals poison and restores HP.
  • There are two hidden rooms past the Crescent Sickle Phantom to the left and right of the balcony. Activating the illusory walls reveals a bonfire and a chest containing a Petrified Something.


Earthen Peak Map (Japanese)

Item Guide

Harvest Valley Connection Dead End (Optional)

When entering Earthen Peak from Harvest Valley there are two entrances right by each other. This short walkthrough is for the lower path which is a dead end but has an Estus Flask Shard. After this you'll need to go back and take the other entrance in Harvest Valley to proceed with the map.

1. The stairs/ramp of the lower door should lead toward a room full of low poison mist. The stairs lead towards an opening in one wall. A path exists the width of the stairs in that room but otherwise will drop you to your doom. Walk directly from the stairs to the opening. Note: If you have progressed farther in the game there may be no poison fog, however it isn't a major enough issue to warrant waiting for later.

2. Along the corridor is a room with Poison Horn Beetles and a Pharros' Contraption which can be opened with a Pharros' Lockstone. It will reveal a secret door that has a chest with the Poisonbite Ring and a consumable soul.

3. Return to the hallway and you can find an Estus Flask Shard which will be on a corpse against some metal bars at the end of the hallway.

4. To get to the real entrance to Earthen Peak walk back through the hallway, up the stairs in the poison room, and through the door.

5. The game will also say you are back in Harvest Valley, however if you take the ladder to your right and then go through the doorway on your immediate right you will be back in Earthen Peak and on your main path.

6. Before continuing it is recommended to return to your previous bonfire and rest. Returning to your current location only requires you kill four of the Undead Steelworkers and you've likely taken some extra damage from various side-paths. When ready return to this location and the regular Earthen Peak walkthrough will guide you from that point on.

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