Sparkling Sisters Dyna and Tillo


Like Sparkly and Snuggly from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1, a trading mechanic through an unseen bird has returned. This time it is a duo, who request smooth and silky items as you approach their nest.

They are commonly assumed by the community to be crows, though the official name of "Hawk Girl" and "Double-Winged Hawk Girl" in the previous titles casts some doubt as to what exactly these mysterious creatures are meant to be.


Things Betwixt
From the bonfire outside the Old Firekeepers house, head towards Majula. Take the first fog door on the left and bear left. You will eventually come across the nest.
Be sure to knock the ladder down to create a shortcut.

How to Trade

  • Drop items in the nest one at a time.
    • Multiple items may be dropped in bulk as long as the quantity is one at a time, bundles will be lost otherwise.
    • The resulting trade will contain all corresponding returned items at once.
  • Items must be inside the nest to register.
  • You must use the leave command, not discard, or the item will simply disappear.
  • It is also worth noting that in contrary to Demon's Souls and Dark Souls you don't have to reload the game in order for the trade to be completed. It is instantaneous and as soon as you drop the item and skip the dialogue with the Sisters you can pick up whatever they gave you in exchange.
  • There seems to be a limit on how many items can be on the ground at once. First dropped, first removed from the world once the limit has been reached. The limit is somewhere between 25 and 50, so don't drop too many items before picking up your loot.

Available Trades

Dyna and Tillo accept four different items for trade. They include the following:

Ordered from worst to best, the sisters will gift various randomized items depending on what was dropped, with a higher probability for better returns from the better drops.

Prism Stone Returns

Small Smooth & Silky Stone Returns

Smooth & Silky Stone Returns

Petrified Something Returns

Amber Herb X X
Bleed Stone X X
Boltstone X X
Channeler's Trident X X X
Cracked Blue Eye Orb X X
Cracked Red Eye Orb X X
Crimson Water X X
Darknight Stone X X
Demon's Great Hammer X X X
Divine Blessing X X
Fading Soul X
Faintstone X X
Firedrake Stone X X
Homeward Bone X
Human Effigy X X X
Lifegem X X
Magic Stone X X
Old Mundane Stone X X
Old Whip X X X
Petrified Dragon Bone X X X
Poison Stone X X
Raw Stone X X
Rubbish X
Small Blue Burr X
Small Orange Burr X
Small Yellow Burr X
Soul of a Lost Undead X
Soul of a Proud Knight X X
Titanite Shard X X
Titanite Chunk X X
Titanite Slab X X X
Twinkling Titanite X X X
White Ring X X X


All dialogue text is © From Software Inc.

Dyna voiced by: Naomi McDonald
Tillo voiced by: Anna Koval

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

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