Dung Pie
Dung Pie

In-Game Description

A large excrement. Still rather warm.
Throw at enemy to cause rapid onset of poison,
but you too will be subjected to the same bane.

Most warriors are loath to come near
a thing like this, much less carry it around,
but therein lies the advantage.


Poisons foes, but also builds up poison on yourself.


Where to Buy

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
The Rat King 600 souls

Chest and Corpse Locations

  • Two are inside a pot near the first bonfire of the Gutter.
  • Three more can be found near the second bonfire in the Gutter.

Enemy Drops


  • Can be extremely effective in PvP. Two to four pies can be thrown to poison almost any opponent.
  • High Poison Resistance is recommended when using these.
  • Can be used in combination with Poison Moss to bring yourself to Red Tearstone Ring range for the damage boost.
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