Dual Avelyn Bell Keeper
Dual Avelyn Bell Keeper


The Avelyn is a weapon of ancient design that has been rediscovered and brought into the world once more, and this old fellow uses two of them! He wears the mask of the Manikin, as well. Could this be another puppet?1


Belfry Sol
He is located on the roof part of the area. When Bonfire Intensity is 2, there will be two of them.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 (NG) 1,000 900
2 (NG+) 1,850 1,800
8 (NG+7) 3,460 3,600




  • Spawns only once per playthrough. He will respawn if a Bonfire Ascetic is used on the Belfry Sol bonfire in Belfry Sol.
  • Oddly enough, he never performs any power-stance Avelyn attack.
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