Drangleic Castle

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Boss Mini-Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Dragonriders 2x the Pursuer
(Bonfire Intensity 2+)
Chancellor Wellager
Darkdiver Grandahl
Royal Soldier's Ring +1
Faraam Set
Great Combustion
Strong Magic Shield
Soul Greatsword
Hunter's Blackbow
Soul Vessel
Old Knight Hammer
Caitha's Chime
Fire Seed
Estus Flask Shard
Primal Knight
Royal Swordsman
Royal Guard
Stone Soldier
Ruin Sentinel
Alonne Knight Captain
Invader Nameless Usurper
Invader Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
Bonfire Intensity 2+ only enemies:
Roaming Soul Drakekeeper Knight Phantom
Roaming Soul Elite Knight Phantom
Roaming Soul Greatbow Phantom
Roaming Soul Washing Pole Phantom
Scholar of the First Sin:
Executioner's Chariot
Belfry Gargoyle (x1)
Dark Stalker
Suspicious Shadow
Mastodon Set
Mastodon Halberd
Mastodon Greatshield
Royal Swordsman Set
Royal Greatsword
Heavy Crossbow
Syan's Set
Syan's Halberd
Stone Soldier Spear
Llewellyn Shield
Titanite Slab
Ruin Set
Alonne Captain Helm
Alonne Captain Armor
Alonne Knight Gauntlets
Alonne Knight Leggings
Alonne Greatbow
Blacksteel Katana
Ring of Blades +2
Scholar of the First Sin:
Gower's Ring of Protection
Judgment Set
Radiant Lifegem
Shadow Set
Malformed Claws
Shadow Dagger


A grand castle.

To enter the castle, you need to kill the Royal Swordsmen that spawn. Make sure they die near the statues to allow their souls to be absorbed. Once each statue has fulfilled it's goal, it will lift the bolt. Once both bolts are up, the doors will open.



  • King's Gate
    Found immediately infront of you after descending the ladder down from the entrance hall of Drangleic Castle.
  • Forgotten Chamber
    Following the stairways upwards toward the room containing three Royal Guards and a painting of the Queen. Continue up the stairs to the first bowman and kill him. Look to the left for a ladder. Go down the ladder and around the corner. There will be two panels on the wall. Press the interact button on the left side to reveal a hidden bonfire.
  • Under Castle Drangleic
    Found in the room under the gauntlet room near the King's Gate, accessed through the third door on the left side.
  • Central Castle Drangleic
    In the room after the dual Dragonriders boss.



Map (Japanese)

Item Guide Part I

Item Guide Part II

Drangleic Castle Video Walkthrough with Boss Part 1

Drangleic Castle Video Walkthrough with Boss Part 2


Lower Drangleic Castle

Upper Drangleic Castle

  • 10x Fire Greatarrow in a chest in the Alonne Knight Captain hall.
  • Near the Forgotten Chamber bonfire you can find Hunter's Blackbow in a chest.
  • From the Central Castle Drangleic bonfire you can find an Estus Flask Shard. Progress down the stairs from the bonfire, continuing past the room with four archers and the Primal Knight. When you get outside, there are staircases going both up and down. Going down leads to a chest with the shard, and a shortcut back to the bonfire.

Central Castle Drangleic

Bonfire Intensity 2+ Changes


  • You will be invaded by the Nameless Usurper once you go past the cursed painting of the Queen. She spawns behind you near the painting room doorway.
  • Before opening the gate, infinite Royal Soldiers will spawn in an alcove to the left of the entrance.
  • If you wish to clear the room with the six soul-devouring doors, it is advisable to open the doors on one side of the room only until the ruin sentinels stop respawning, then move to the other side and repeat the process. This will insure that you only need to worry about one ruin sentinel at a time.
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