See Dragonrider if you're looking for the boss in Heide's Tower of Flame.


The rank of Dragonrider was reserved for
honorable warriors who helped found Drangleric.
Together with the king, they crushed its former
inhabitants and erected a magnificent kingdom
upon their graves .

Long ago, the dragonriders mounted wyrms,
and were feared on the battlefield for their
unparalleled strength.

King Vendrick's royal guard. The same enemy you fought initially in Heide's Tower, but this time there are two.


Drangleic Castle
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) Greatbow: 1,470
Halberd: 3,670
2 (NG+) Greatbow: 2,352
Halberd: 5,872
8 (NG+7) Greatbow: 4,463
Halberd: 11,157



  • Medium Magic and Dark Resistance
  • Low Fire and Lightning Resistance
  • Can be poisoned


  • Pilgrim Bellclaire (Only in Scholar of the First Sin). She is located right outside of the boss fog-gate, right after talking to Nashandra
  • Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin: Bashful Ray can also join the fight. His summon sign is near one of the golem statues in the room where the respawning Stone Soldiers and the Ruin Sentinels are found. However, you might need to clear the way from his summon sign to the boss area before summoning him to make sure he follows you all the way there.

Attack Patterns

Same as the first Dragonrider except the one in the top left corner will shoot with a greatbow until one of them reaches 1/2th health.

The Dragonrider with a greatbow has greatly reduced HP but will drop down as soon as he is targeted. While the arrows do not cost very much stamina to block, they do deal a good amount of damage.


If you have spells or other ranged attacks, you can avoid the melee Dragonrider rather easily while throwing spells at the bow wielder as he doesn't move as long as he is using the bow. With strong spells such as Flame Swathe or Great Lightning Spear, the bow wielder should drop in about three to five hits.

The melee Dragonrider can break objects with his swings. You can use this to your advantage by tricking him into breaking the pillar the archer Dragonrider stands on, bringing him to your level. He will still use his greatbow to fight you, so this will leave him very vulnerable. At this point, you can lure the melee Dragonrider to the other side of the room, then sprint to the archer Dragonrider and get one or two hits in. The archer will eventually switch to melee, but if you're quick, you can kill him in a few more hits without that being an issue.

After that, it'll be just you and the other Dragonrider, which shouldn't be an issue as it will be just like the fight in Heide's Tower of Flame.

Melee Strategy

While you're fighting the first Dragonrider, keep your eye on the second one up top. Try your best to avoid his arrows, which shouldn't be too difficult as long as you either listen for his bow being readied or looking up once in a while to see if he's aiming at you.

You may use a shield if you want, but rolling towards the enemy to the left or right should dodge his attacks.

Try to finish off the first Dragonrider as fast as you can so that you can focus on the second one. The archer is slightly weaker so he'll be much easier to take down once the first one is out of the way.

Caster Strategy

Cast Toxic Mist or any of the variants on the archer. One cast is almost enough to kill him in NG.

Pyromancer Great Fireball & Fire Orb Strategy

If you have an adequately upgraded Pyromancy Flame (+6 or higher), and both Great Fireball and Fire Orb, you can make this fight fairly easy without summoning help. Simply dash toward the Dragonrider Archer until you are within range, then pelt him with Great Fireball as many times as you can before the Halberd-wielding 'rider reacts and begins to attack you. With enough casting speed, you can hit him at least twice easily, which should be enough to make him fall from the platform. Once he falls, simply finish him off with the remainder of your casts.

This makes the fight with the stronger Halberd-wielding 'rider much more comfortable. Note that items that boost casting speed are essential if you have low casting speed.

This strategy is great for Level-1 or low-level builds.

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