Dragon's Sanctum


Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
None None Lightning Clutch Ring
Flynn's Ring
Bloodbite Ring +1
Catarina Helm
Sanctum Knight Helm
Sanctum Shield
Puzzling Stone Sword
Sanctum Crossbow
Drakeblood Greatsword
Drakeblood Set
Dragon Stone
Eternal Sanctum Key
Soul Vessel
Bonfire Ascetic
12x Twinkling Titanite
Sanctum Soldier
Sanctum Knight
Sanctum Priestess
Drakeblood Knight
Corrosive Egg Insect
4x Crystal Lizard
Sanctum Dragon
Invader Jester Thomas
Sanctum Mace
Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet
Sanctum Knight Set
Sanctum Crossbow
Sanctum Repeating Crossbow
Sanctum Priestess Tiara


The Sunken King erected the
Eternal Sanctum to shelter Sinh the Dragon.

The Sanctum appears to be a solemn temple,
but it is filled with devilish creatures that
ensure no trespasser shall cause offense



  • Hidden Sanctum Chamber
    To the left of the bridge above the spiked floor. Activated by hitting a switch on a wall near the narrow, broken staircase. (Video)
  • Lair of the Imperfect
    In the watery area.


Map (Japanese)

Dragon's Sanctum Walkthrough Video
Item Guide Part I (from 23min)
Item Guide Part II (up to 17min)
Item Guide Part III


The Sanctum

Spike Traps

Lair of the Imperfect

Sanctum Interior

Priestess' Chamber


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