Dispelling Ring
dispelling ring

In-Game Description

A protective ring set with gemstones
of four different colors.
Increases the wearer's resistance to magic,
lightning, fire and dark.

The artistry required to attune the varying
powers of four different stones within one ring
could only be described as transcendental.

There is only one sorcerer who could have
done this; a man from the lost land of Olaphis.


Dispelling Ring
Royal Sorcerer Navlaan quest reward.

Dispelling Ring +1
Brume Tower treasure. Opposite the gate leading to the Smelter Throne bonfire is a path leading through a hallway with many Cask Runners and exploding barrels. At the end of the hallway is a staircase going up to a similar hallway. The wall opposite of the fire spewing statue can be broken by herding a Cask Runner into it.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Dispelling Ring Increases Magic, Lightning, Fire & Dark defense by 60 points. 110 1.0
Dispelling Ring +1 Increases Magic, Lightning, Fire & Dark defense by 120 points. 35 4.0
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