Devotee Scarlett


She is a cleric who mainly relies on her mace. She can be summoned help in the fights against Dragonrider, Old Dragonslayer, Mytha, the Baneful Queen, and Velstadt the Royal Aegis.


Heide's Tower of Flame (shade)
After you summon her at least once in either Earthen Peak or Undead Crypt, her small summon sign appears on the walkway between the three-knight rotunda and the stairs going up towards the Cathedral of Blue. Her small sign persists even after both bosses are defeated.

Earthen Peak
Her sign can be found in the room behind the first Grave Warden after the Lower Earthern Peak bonfire.

Undead Crypt
When you enter the first long room with Leydia Witches and supporting hollows, you can see her sign behind the first set of pillars to the right.



  • She greets her the host with the Welcome gesture. When her job is done, she waves before vanishing.
  • If summoned in Earthen Peak, she points towards the windmill, hinting the host to burn it with a torch. When the host burns the mill, she does a fist pump.
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