Destructive Greatarrow

In-Game Description

Greatarrows with intricately crafted tips.
Designed to destroy equipment with impact.

Bravery does not necessarily entail going
head-on with a foe, especially if they have
better armor than you. Use these arrows,
and grind them down from afar.


Greatarrows that deal extra damage to equipment durability in addition to regular damage.
Equip to an arrow slot in the Equipment Menu to fire with a Greatbow.

Durability Damage

Deals 2 durability damage to shields on block. (Tested using Alonne Greatbow against Blossom Kite Shield)


Where to Buy

Merchant Sold By Price Stock
Head of Vengarl 180 souls
Royal Sorcerer Navlaan 180 souls

Chest and Corpse Locations

  • 10 in a wooden chest in the room with movable platforms in Iron Keep, past the Mimic chest (30 on Bonfire Intensity 2+).
  • 20 in a trapped chest in the hall in Drangleic Castle with many Primal Knight statues (Bonfire Intensity 2+ only). The chest contains 20 Fire Greatarrows as well.
  • 50 in a metal chest in Dragon's Sanctum, in the room with the first two Sanctum Knights.

Enemy Drops

General Information

Icon Name Damage Damage Type Auxiliary Effects
73UiOvH.png Destructive Greatarrow 250 Thrust Extra durability damage
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