In-Game Description

An ancient miracle owed to the cardinal of Shulva.
Challenge fate one time when HP reaches 0.

Originally intended to grant the
dying a few moments for a final farewell.


If the player receives a killing blow while this miracle is active, they won't die but will survive with under 15 HP instead. Duration depends on Faith.


Found behind a wheel contraption in Dragon's Sanctum near the Hidden Sanctum Chamber bonfire.
Requires shooting a button from three different angles (arrows and Firebombs work).


Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Attunement
Self-Buff 1 24 60-240 sec 3

Duration Increases with Faith

Faith Duration
10 60 sec
13 60 sec
24 180 sec
50 240 sec


  • A very handy spell for boss battles and can save you life, though it is not very effective if there is damage over time effects in the boss battle.
  • Does not work on fall damage.
  • Does not cancel poison, making it useless against it.
  • This spell does not increase in casts with Attunement.
  • Hexer's Hood, Saint's Hood, and Northern Ritual Band gives one more cast.
  • The Crown of the Old Iron King will restore the charge every two minutes.
  • At 50 faith the duration is roughly 4 minutes and 2 seconds, and can be extended beyond that with Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.
  • 60 seconds appears to be the minimum.
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