Demon of Song


When this demon developed a taste for human flesh, it was contained within the Shrine of Amana, but the line of priestesses
who looked after the shrine and appeased the creature have died off.

A giant frog with a demon in its mouth.


Shrine of Amana
From the Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire, follow the voice of the Song.
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 6,180 26,000
2 (NG+) 8,034 52,000
8 (NG+7) 15,265 104,000


NPC Summons


  • Very High Fire Resistance
  • Low Magic, Lightning and Dark Resistance
  • Can be poisoned

Attack Patterns

Attack Damage Damage Type Parryable?* Speed Tracking (left/right)
Attacks once with each arm, possibly shooting bolts of water
Attacks three times with both arms in close range, possibly shooting bolts of water each time
Leaps high up and crashes down
Visibly prepares both legs and charges the length of the battle area in a straight line
Opens arms wide and attempts to grab player, smashing them repeatedly into the ground if succesful
Attacks once with each arm, then executes two wide-ranged sweeping attacks. This attack may be followed up by a fast downward smash.


The boss can only be damaged by attacking the demon in its mouth. Wait until the mouth opens to attack.

Bring a lightning weapon or a lighting buff. Stay close to the boss and circle left around him. His basic attacks should not hit you, but be aware of the body slam. When he finishes his attacks, hit him in the face or heal. Rinse and repeat.

Bring light armor, under 70% weight. Most attacks can be easily dodged with rolling as the water in this area is not as deep as in the rest of the Shrine. Strafe and keep out of his reach. When he tries to body slam, you can easily avoid it by backing up, as with his two hit attack. Best times to attack are after his body slam and after his two hit attack but be sure to only hit two or three times as his random water bolts can deal high damage quickly. When you see him prepare his charge, sprint to the left or right and roll right before he reaches you, this should avoid the attack completely. His charge will not give you any openings so keep your distance.

Melee players should keep their distance and avoid locking on to the Demon as a target. Wait for the face to appear and just circle back for a few hits before backing off again. Don't try to guard or run in too fast after his two slap combo, because he can extend it up to 5 hits.

Caster builds should aim to stay within medium (melee) range to avoid triggering his charge attack, and follow the same strategy as above.

Additionally, the pyromancy Toxic Mist can be used to deal significant damage to it. While it takes several casts for the poison to take effect, use of a summoned ally and a Wilted Dusk Herb or two will make the fight much easier, as Toxic Mist will poison it regardless of where it hits; the Demon of Song's skin cannot defend against it.

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