In-Game Description

An accursed mark.
The Darksign induces death, returning
the player to the last bonfire rested at,
at the cost of all souls held.

Do what you must to gather the pieces,
scraping them into some semblance of
a whole, before the will to do so fades.


Respawns the player at the last bonfire lit (does not need to be rested at).


Given to the player at the start of the game.


  • Does not leave a bloodstain, all souls on-hand will be permanently lost.
  • Does not cause hollowing.
  • Since you are not creating a new bloodstain, any previous bloodstain remains intact.
  • Does not increase your death count on the Majula monument.
  • Due to the ability to warp to the last bonfire lit, using the Darksign can be helpful when doing a no-bonfire run1.
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