Darkdiver Grandahl
Darkdiver Grandahl


I am Darkdiver Grandahl, seeker of Dark, giver of Dark.
If you seek true Dark, I will grant it to you. As much as you desire.


Shaded Woods
Go right from the Giant Basilisk (after the Shaded Ruins bonfire) until you come to the path to the boss between the two buildings. Instead of going through, look around the nearby grassy area, there is scaffolding where you will drop down to the area with him.

Black Gulch
In a hidden room accessed using the Forgotten Key. There is a ledge you can drop onto off the main path near the Razorback Nightcrawlers, with an arch door. Further down another ledge will lead you to two Giants that will drop the key when killed.

Drangleic Castle, near the King's Gate bonfire.
There is a large room with a set of closed doors that open when an enemy is killed near them. Behind the farthest door to the left there is a broken floor that will crumble when you walk over it. This will lead you to a bonfire and Darkdiver Grandahl. Before you drop down, you may want to kill Ruin Sentinel in this room, as it may drop down with you. And a Dark Stalker waits below, but neither of the aforementioned enemies need to be killed to talk to Darkdiver Grandahl.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 2180 2,700
2 ? 5,400
8 ? 10,800



Consumables Total Soul Cost Notes
Human Effigy 3 3,000 Use to reverse hollowing.
Bonfire Ascetic 10 7,500 Burn at a bonfire to strengthen nearby foes.
Scrolls Total Soul Cost Notes
Cast Light 1 3,000 Summon an orb that illuminates your surroundings.
Dark Orb 1 600 Basic damage-dealing hex.
Dark Hail 1 1,500 Hex
Darkstorm 1 4,700 Hex
Profound Still 1 13,000 Prevent enemies from casting spells for 30 seconds.




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