Dark Greatsword


In-Game Description

Hex adapted from an ancient sorcery.
Brandish Dark like a sword.

By its nature Dark is normally tranquil,
but this hex releases a focused blade of Dark
in an uncharacteristic flash of brilliance.


Similar to Soul Greatsword except does dark damage as well as a horizontal wave similar to the Moonlight Greatswords strong attack.


Shulva, Sanctum City treasure. Take the lift next to the Priestess' Chamber bonfire. About halfway down jump/roll off as it passes an opening (it helps to be facing the bonfire as you descend), and you should land in a small room with a metal chest that contains the hex.


Spell Type Uses Duration Attunement Slots Intelligence Required Faith Required Catalyst Required
Hex 3-6 N/A 2 55 29 Staff

Cast Increases with Attunement

Attunement Uses
10 3
32 4
49 5
94 6
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