Dark Chasm of Old

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
Darklurker None None Forest Spirit
Roaming Soul Abyss Ironclad
Roaming Soul Pretender to the Xanthous Throne
Roaming Soul Tenebrous Rogue
Roaming Soul Underworld Deadeye
Roaming Soul Shadowveil Assasin
Roaming Soul The Ghost of Princes Past
Roaming Soul A Chip Off the Ol' Rock
Bonfire Ascetic


A dark abyss chasm, containing remnants of ages long gone.


First, talk to Darkdiver Grandahl in all three of his locations (Black Gulch, Shaded Woods, and Drangleic Castle) in any order to join the Pilgrims of Dark covenant.
Entering requires one Human Effigy, but the first time is free.

These abyss dungeons can be completed in any order. After defeating Darklurker, entering the chasm does not cost a human effigy, and this effect lingers even after leaving the covenant.


In order to face the Darklurker boss, you need to ignite the brazier within each Chasm area. To do this you need to use a Flame Butterfly to light your torch when within a Chasm, as attempting to enter a Chasm with an already lit torch, extinguishes it, and there are no available fire sources within a chasm to use.
Torches, or the sorcery Cast Light, are both very useful tools within the Chasms to light your way.

Dark Chasm of Old [Drangleic Castle]

You arrive in a water-filled cave with several deep sections that will instantly kill your character if stepped in. There are, however, thin "bridges" of ground where you can walk safely. Consider using a torch to navigate through this small labyrinth.

After you exit this area, you arrive at another bridge of ground, this time with just a drop to your death on both sides, and a waterfall to your left. Almost immediately after this bridge, on your left, you can see a phantom wearing Havel's Set and Dragon Tooth. Be careful to not catch his attention before you are ready; Havel hits like a truck, and he is fast to boot. Consider luring him to the bridge and shoving him off with a strong attack or another knockback ability.

After you've dealt with Havel, you have two directions. On the left, there are two phantoms: a Forest Spirit and a sword-and-shield melee phantom wielding Ricard's Rapier. On the right, there is a dual-wielding melee phantom.

Approach the Forest Spirit from the left so that you don't aggro Ricard yet. The caster will notice you as you approach and attempt to hit you with soul arrow-type spells. Dodge or block these and smash him at close range. Be careful not to fall into the holes on the way.

After the fight, you might have triggered Ricard to move from his initial position. Examine the direction you came from and see if you can see Ricard. If you can't, he's at his initial location in the corridor to your left. If you try to turtle defend against him with a shield, he will attempt a guard break and then hit you with several quick stabs while you're stunlocked.

Proceed to the narrow bridge that leads you to a brazier. After this, go kill the dual-wielding phantom and exit from the hole behind her.

If you revive Darklurker by using Bonfire Ascetic on the Under Drangleic Castle bonfire, you must go through this section of the Dark Chasm of Old to reach him. Using Bonfire Ascetic on the other two bonfires will not revive him (although this will revive the phantoms) and the other two sections of the Dark Chasm of Old will not lead to him.

Dark Chasm of Old [Shaded Woods]

Continue along the corridor until you arrive to a room with a large pitfall. In the next room, you will face two phantoms simultaneously. One of them is an archer and another a shield-and-sword melee phantom.

You don't want to have them surround you, so lure both phantoms into a chokepoint (for example, the corridor between the pitfall room and the phantom room) and deal with them face-to-face one after another. Consider trapping this chokepoint with Lingering Flame so that you can deal some helpful initial damage before you engage them in melee.

After the phantoms are dealt with, you need to get past a Forest Spirit on the far side of the room. This phantom casts a traveling shockwave that probably will knock you down if it hits. Note that immediately before the this phantom there is a hard-to-see pitfall, so don't rush in too carelessly.

After the Spirit is dead, you can light the brazier in the room. Go forward, call the elevator with the lever and then ride the elevator down.

You arrive in a large cavern with a ledge overlooking the rest of the area. Below the ledge, you will see a dual-wielding melee phantom. Don't let this phantom guard break you, as he will get several hits in while you are recovering.

When this final phantom dies, the nearby fog door guarding the exit dissolves.

Dark Chasm of Old [Black Gulch]

This map has six enemies: two phantoms dual-wielding Drakekeeper's Great Hammers and wearing the Ironclad Set, two phantoms wearing the Xanthous Set and casting pyromancies, and two Forest Spirits.

As you start you will enter a somewhat lit room with a spiral going down. If you can, try to make the first dual-wielding hammer phantom to attack you without making the pyromancer aggressive, otherwise this will be a hard fight.
It may help to go back up and fight the pyromancer in the wide open area instead of the ramp.

Once you kill the first group, proceed down the tunnel, on your left is the brazier. Then head right, toward the waterfalls. This next particular area has a few pitfalls, so be wary.

In this room, there is another hammer wielding phantom on a ramp going down. Draw his aggro and run back so you don't draw the attention of the pyromancer behind him.
Take care them in the same way as the first two. Go down the ramp, the final Forest Spirit should be very easy to kill as long as you can dodge miracles.

Once everything is dead, go to the end and drop down to the exit.


  • Regardless of whether you light the brazier or not, the enemy phantoms within each chasm respawn normally each time you re-enter. This making the chasms excellent places to farm Bonfire Ascetics.
  • If you die after lighting the brazier but before falling through the exit, the chasm resets, and the cauldron will be unlit the next time you return.
  • If you manage to light all three braziers, you will face Darklurker whenever you exit a chasm.
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