Lower's the player's health equal to the amount of one death (5%), as well as turning them hollow if they are not already. Curse does nothing once one's maximum health has been reduced to half.

Curse bypasses the Ring of Life Protection, but not the Ring of Binding.

Enemy Causes of Curse

Cause of Curse Location
Curse Jar Shaded Woods
Shrine of Amana
Huntsman's Copse
Lion Clan Warrior Shaded Woods
Undead Peasant Brightstone Cove Tseldora
The Pursuer
(when their sword glows blue)
Forest of Fallen Giants
Lost Bastille
Iron Keep
Drangleic Castle
Ashen Idol Brume Tower
Nashandra Throne of Want
Painting of the Queen Drangleic Castle

Resisting and Avoiding Curse


  • Players cannot cause curse.
  • Phantoms will not suffer the effects of curse.
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