Cromwell the Pardoner
Cromwell The Pardoner


The pardoner, eager to hear about your sins.


Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Walk from the Chapel Threshold bonfire back towards the Chapel where Prowling Magus & Congregation is fought.
There are small alcoves to the left and right of the entrance of the Chapel. On the right side of the entrace in the alcove you will find a ladder. Cromwell waits inside the attic after climbing up.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,840 3,000
2 ? 6,000
8 ? 12,000


  • Allows you to pardon your Sins. This costs 1,000 x Soul Level.
    • Pardoning sins is only for undoing NPC hostility and does not remove the players sin for killing NPC's or other players while invading.
    • This includes making the Ancient Dragon and Vendrick unaggressive again if you've attacked them.
  • Sells various items.


Armor Total Soul Cost Notes
White Priest Headpiece 1 4,500 Increases Faith by one point.
White Priest Robe 1 5,000
White Priest Gloves 1 4,600
White Priest Skirt 1 4,800
Rings Total Soul Cost Notes
Poisonbite Ring 1 5,500 Increases Poison resistance by 150 points.
Bloodbite Ring 1 7,000 Increases Bleed resistance by 150 points.
Cursebite Ring 1 9,000 Increases Curse resistance by 400 points.
Consumables Total Soul Cost Notes
Dark Troches 1,200 Temporarily increases Dark resistance by 150 points.
Spell Total Soul Cost Notes
Great Heal 1 8,000 Heal yourself and allies.
Replenishment 1 3,000 Slowly heal yourself over time.
Caressing Prayer 1 2,000 Cure poison on yourself and allies.
Force 1 1,800
Emit Force 1 4,200
Heavenly Thunder 1 3,300
Perseverance 1 3,500 Increase status effect resistances for 120 seconds.
Scraps of Life 1 2,200





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