Crest of Blood
crest of blood

In-Game Description

Ring of the Brotherhood of Blood covenant.

This ring is nothing special. Perhaps,
in the end, an oath is but a window
into the ambitions of the oath taker.

If you have taken this oath,
then you know what you want.
To be soaked in the blood of your kind.


Given to you when you join the Brotherhood of Blood covenant.

General Information

  • Increases Bleed damage of weapons. Only weapons with Bleed damage get this benefit.
    • Weapons with innate Bleed get 50 points of extra damage.
    • Weapons infused with Bleed get 25 points of extra damage.
    • Weapons with innate Bleed AND infused with Bleed get 60 points of extra damage.
Name Use Durability Weight
Crest of Blood Increases bleed damage 100 0.2


The bleed damage bonus stacks with the Shadow Gauntlets.

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