Crescent Sickle Phantom
Crescent Sickle Phantom


Though the Crescent Sickle phantom's true identity is unknown, he does don the garb of a common brigand. But any brigand who would seek to steal from travelers in this treacherous den is probably after more than coins1

A mad bandit with a huge sickle.


Earthen Peak
In the hallway just before the Upper Earthen Peak bonfire. Instead of wading through the poison pool to the boss door, go up the stairs. You'll run smack dab into the man.

Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 1,600 1280
2 3,000 -
8 - -


  • He tends to break your guard, can easily kill you that way, so try to dodge him when he does so.
  • He tends to jump attack you when you're at a distance. Easily avoided if dodged.
  • It seems that his weapon IGNORES your shield. Dodging instead of blocking is strongly advised.
  • Continuously hitting him will make the fight against him very easy, as long as you have enough stamina.



  • Removed in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.
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