Cracked Red Eye Orb
Cracked Red Eye Orb

In-Game Description

Online play item.
Invade other worlds.

Defeat the master of the world you have
invaded to acquire a Token of Spite.

The residual sins of those who have
succumbed to dark temptations are
contained in the form of the Cracked
Red Eye Orb.


Invade the world of another player as a Red Phantom. You must be human to use this item.

If you defeat the host, you will receive a Token of Spite and some souls.



  • Five sold by Titchy Gren on NG only for 5,000 souls each and infinite on NG+ and above for 10,000 souls each.


  • One can be found on a corpse in the tutorial section of Things Betwixt behind a closed door.
  • Two can be found on a corpse near Titchy Gren. The corpse is on a ledge above the stairs leading from the Undead Purgatory boss fight.
  • One can be found on a corpse after dropping down from above in the circular room in Iron Keep.
  • Three can be found on a corpse on a ledge in the Iron Passage. Requires going through both cell gauntlets.


  • (Scholar of the First Sin): 3 dropped by the Enslaved Boar in Majula - spawned by killing the piglets, then pigs until their spawns run out



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