Covetous Demon (Ivory King DLC)

Covetous Demon


A Covetous Demon with white camouflage.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ? 4,500
2 ? ?
8 15,034 18,000
  • Oddly, this version seems to have higher defenses than the actual boss.


Frozen Eleum Loyce
Found in the large cavern unlocked by a gate and lever near the Lower Garrison bonfire.



Weakness Effectiveness
Strike ?
Thrust ?
Slash ?
Projectile 100%


Resistance Reduction
Fire ?
Magic ?
Lightning ?
Dark ?
Poison Susceptible
Bleed Susceptible


Attack Description
Swipe Swipes at the player, from the left or from the right.
Body Slam Slams forward.
Body Roll Rolls sideways, waits, then finishes rolling.
Jumping Body Slam Jumps high up into the air and slams down near the player.
Consume Consumes the player, removing all of the player's equipment.
Spit Spits out red particles.


  • Melee
    • The strategy here is essentially the same as the boss version: keep circling, bait out his jumping or grab attacks and strike while he's recovering. However, there are two snow rats here that will aggro if you get too close to their hall. Let the demon notice you first and lure him to the more open ice patches for space, so you don't trigger all three.
  • Ranged
    • From the second ledge, position yourself so that his body is visible around the corner, then fire away. Alternatively, sprint to the tunnel the snow rats emerge from (in the far corner opposite from the Covetous Demon), then snipe him from behind the rocks (he can't reach you here).
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