Company of Champions
Company of Champions

Covenant Description

One of the first covenants that can be accessed, the Company of Champions can be joined by examining the Victor's Stone in Majula. The Stone is located to the right of the passage that leads to Heide's Tower of Flame.

Joining the Company of Champions will make the game harder by increasing the damage dealt by enemies along with decreasing the damage dealt by the player:

  • Damage done to PvE enemies: -20%
  • Damage taken: increased by around 33%
  • PvE enemies HP: no change
  • PvE enemies respawn infinitely
  • Souls gained: no change
  • Effect on Item Discovery: ?

Players in this covenant are prevented from placing Small White Sign Soapstone and White Sign Soapstone sigils, and from seeing them to summon others, including NPCs. You can still be invaded by players.

Covenant Rewards

In order to rank up, you must offer Awestones to the stone. To obtain Awestones, you must defeat Red Phantom invaders (NPC or player), though there is a low chance for certain enemies to drop them.

Note that Red Phantoms summoned from Red Sign Soapstones do not give Awestones.

Rank Required Awestones Reward
0 0 Champion's Tablet
1 10 Great Magic Weapon
2 25 First Dragon Ring
3 50 Vanquisher's Seal

Awestone Drops

Confirmed to drop from:

Red Phantom NPC invasion locations:

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan invasions:


  • In order to get the Covenant of the Fittest achievement/trophy, you don't have to join the covenant, only see the final confirmation message box.
  • Despite the three confirmation messages to join, there is no real reason to feel concerned, as the game's difficulty can be set back to normal by simply abandoning the covenant through Sweet Shalquoir nearby. The covenant is actually useful for less hardcore players who want to farm titanite from non-respawning enemies without increasing Soul Memory or Bonfire Intensity, in conjunction with the Agape Ring, as the covenant can be used to respawn normal enemies that have stopped respawning due to the kill cap. Note that leaving the covenant will cause these enemies to stop spawning again.
  • Enemies killed while in the covenant do not count toward the normal respawn limits. For example, if an enemy stops respawning after 12 kills, and you kill them 6 times in the covenant and 6 more times after leaving, they will still have 6 spawns left.
  • The Forest Guardians in Shaded Woods are an effective enemy to farm for Awestones, especially once the player has the Eye of the Priestess and can lock onto them normally. They are relatively weak and are the only enemy type to spawn in their area, and the player can quickly get back to the bonfire with the Aged Feather.
  • Dragon Knights are a good source of Awestones if you're already trying for their Black Dragon weapon drops.


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