End of Game Checklist

Before going on to beating the final boss, here is a briefly incomplete list of things you may want to accomplish first:

  • Buy all the spells/pyros/hexes/miracles you might want in your next play through from vendors (remember you can respec)
  • If there are boss souls you haven't used, and you are not interested in the items they provide, use them to level up. Some of the bosses in NG+ drop new boss souls too.
  • Discover all the covenants for trophy/achievements if you like that stuff
  • Fully upgrade your Estus flask (12 charges, +5) if you haven't already
  • Kill all the NPC's if you don't care about sin. Save Merchant Hag Melentia for last, as she will sell the armors of all the NPCs that the player has killed. Some NPCs drop neat items, though most of it is rather trivial. You can get 9 effigies by killing the firekeepers, as an example. The Emerald Maiden drops an infinite-use feather which teleports you to the Majula Bonfire. Though you can also get the feather by talking to her at the drakes. (note: At this point, Sin cannot be removed, so be wary of Blue Phantom invasions)
  • Find Gavlan, and sell all the crap you don't want/need.
  • Do some of the optional, not so apparent side quests, like killing the 2 ogres in Things Betwixt near the sex change coffin (you get a Handmaid's Ladle)
  • Maybe consult a guide to see some items you may want and go get them.
  • You may want to stock up on titanite/infusing stones as well. Specifically chunks, which unless you are a Bell Keeper, seem to be kind of scarce. They become infinite from Chloanne after beating the final boss, however.
  • Remember, Bonfire Ascetic carries over to the next NG+. If a bonfire is as +1 in NG, it will be raised to +2 in NG+.
  • Pay off all your Sins.
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