Zullie the Witch


This is primarily an INT and ATT build, with other vital stats included. As such, the sole source of damage is through magic damage through magic infused melee weapons and sorceries.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 300
Vigor 25
Endurance 50
Vitality 25
Attunement 96
Strength 18
Dexterity 20
Adaptability 40
Intelligence 75
Faith 4


Slot 1 - (Magic) Staff of Wisdom +5

Slot 1 - (Magic) Watcher's Greatsword +5


Head - Black Witch Veil +5
Chest - Black Witch Robe +5
Hands - Black Witch Gloves +5
Legs - Black Witch Trousers +5

Slot 1 - Sorcery Clutch Ring
Slot 2 - Southern Ritual Band +2
Slot 3 - Clear Bluestone Ring +2
Slot 4 - Chloranthy Ring +2

Slot 1 - Estus Flask
Slot 2 - Elizabeth Mushroom / Old Radiant Gem
Slot 3 - Wilted Dusk Herb / Twilight Herb
Slot 4 - Repair Powder
Slot 5 - Poison Moss / Monastery Charm / Dragon Charm



Slots 1~4 - Crystal Soul Spear (4 Slots, 10 Uses)
Slots 5~6 - Homing Crystal Soulmass (2 Slots, 12 Uses)
Slot 7 - Soul Geyser (1 Slot, 3 Uses)
Slot 8 - Soul Vortex (1 Slot, 8 Uses)
Slot 9 - Soul Flash (1 Slot, 6 Uses)
Slots 10~12 - Unleash Magic (3 Slots, 3 Uses)
Slot 13 - ANY 1 Slot Sorcery (Tactical sorceries such as Cast Light, Chameleon, and Hush are recommended)


-For the Unleash Magic spell, one has to fully complete Navlaan's questline in Aldia's Keep. (Do not free him, and speak to him in Hollow form. You do not have to kill them, just obtain "proof" and show it to Navlaan.)

-This build takes a lot of skill to effectively use it without dying a lot due to low defenses. Maintaining your stamina and dodging at the right time is key to survival when it's not safe to cast magic. Co-op for bosses is highly recommended so summoned phantoms can distract the boss.

-Due to almost all of the equipment being obtainable almost near the end of the game or at the end of the game, you will have to make due with other equipment in the meantime; this is an end-game and far passed NG+ build.

-Granted you're good at dodging, this build would demolish many players in the Brotherhood of Blood's PvP arena.

-Almost all of the gear listed requires either Twinkling Titanite or Petrified Dragon Bones.

-One can 2 hand the Watcher Greatsword, use the self buff, then go back to using the staff and sword at the same time for a solid method of self defense; slashing with buffed sword when enemies are too close to cast, and cast when enemies are too far to slash.


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