Zelgius, General of Begnion


"I trust you know who you face, Zelgius, Commander of this Army… If you are not worthy of facing me, then you are only wasting my time…" - Zelgius, before his duel with Ranulf

Note: With this build, you will NOT be using shields. If you wish to parry, get a Cestus or become really good with your bare hands. No shields!


Starting Class Knight
Level 250
Vigor 30
Endurance 20
Vitality 30
Attunement 6
Strength 40 (Reversable w/ Dex)
Dexterity 60 (Reversable w/ Str)
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 22
Faith 22


RH1: +5 (Enchanted) Loyce Greatsword/ +10 (Enchanted) Mastadon Greatsword (Depends on if you want to be more towards Str or Dex)
RH2: +5 Pate's Spear/+5 Old Dragonslayer's Spear
LH1: Cestus/Bone Fist (Optional)


Armor -
Helm: +10 DrakeKeeper's Helm
Chest: +5 Raime's Armor
Hands: +10 Drakeblood/+10 DrakeKeeper's
Legs: +10 Drakeblood/+10 DrakeKeeper's

Rings -
1: Third Dragon Ring
2: Ring of Blades (+2)
3: Cloranthy Ring (+2)
4: Yorgh's Ring/Dispelling Ring (+1)

Note that rings are up to the user at any time, but these are the ones I use.


None. You don't use spells. You are an honorable knight, pansy. At most, you are allowed to use a Heal or Homeward for PvE. If you plan to do this, remove some Faith and Intelligence, and put them into Attunement.


Because of a lack of a shield, you'll be relying greatly on your skills at dodging and avoidance. Not to mention, your armor and resistances. You'll be forced to fight smartly, unlike the idiots who use weapons that have a wide swing arc and lots of poise break, like most Ultra Greatswords.

When faced with mages, let them wittle down their number of spells. It's best to make sure that you've got something to duck behind, in case they're laggy and get you with a lagging spell.


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