do note i am not a state expert and i like having my stats at 5 and 10 intervals so u dont need to fully follow them to the letter.

i have played Dark Souls 1 and am good at this game so if the build on paper doesn't seam to work or in practice for u it could just be that it only works for me and my play style

i have built and used this build up to and in NG+

i haven't played PvP at all ever so i don't know how it would stack up at that but PvE it beasts for me

this hole build is just what my first char turned out like in the end and it works so any thoughts to improve would be great


Starting Class Knight
Level 215
Vigor 40
Endurance 40
Vitality 40
Attunement 20
Strength 40
Dexterity 25
Adaptability 35
Intelligence 14
Faith 14


Rh1 Greatsword (or any other Ultra Greatsword if u really wont)
Rh2 Dragonrider Bow or any Greatsword such as Claymore

Lh1 Red Rust Shield (can be any it just goes with my armor tho high Physical Defense shields are recommended unless u role a lot )
Lh2 Dark Pyromancy Flame
Lh3 Black Witch's Staff (this is a must if u wont both int and faith spells )

all weapons at there best + u can get them


i have Vengarls Set but u can use any high defense set that u can fast roll with.

Ring of binding (i have this just so i don't have to use Human Effigys all the time (i have 62 Human Effigys atm) and health stays fairly high enough for me to be happy with it basically eliminates hollowing as something to worry about)

Lingering Dragoncrest Ring (a must to get the most out of spells)

Third Dragon Ring

Ring of Blades (can be any that u fill u need instead)

all rings can be changed depending on situation and if u think others would be better


any and all sword buff spells such as Flame Weapon,Crystal Magic Weapon and Sunlight Blade


this is a slow and long passed build so u might not be able to get some of the stuff such as the spells till much later

when u start strength strait to 28 and Dex to 10 to wield the Greatsword u can passe it out up until u get the Greatsword until then use any weapon u wont other wise if using Rh2 as a Greatsword try getting the bastard sword and use that till u get the greatsword.
i would advise u at some point try and get another Greatsword as a back up in case the first breaks in battle as long as u are fast enough and have little in weapon inventory u can swap it out quickly

Fighting Style for Greatsword(GS) and bow
so when fighting the GS is u main weapon and the bow is just a secondary weapon to pull enemy's and kill them from afar any arrows are good i have wood arrows cos there cheap and ok for what i need them for.

spells are usually saved for bosses but the Flame Weapon can be used generally

when fighting with the GS fights can be faster bcos u do a Sh*t load of damage but then at times a slower fight when trying to keep stamina up to block. for fights were u have plenty of time to attack (usually after enemy's attack) 2 hand the GS and light attack 2 time this is the fastest way to dish out damage that is safe and will all ways hit (roughly). for fights were there isn't plenty of time to attack just fight normal blocking, rolling, and just hitting them once at a time. role attacking is a good way to get a hit off and dodge a attack.

Fighting Style for Ultra Greatsword (Greatsword(GS)) and Greataword(such as Claymore) (so no bow)
spells work the same hear

so what changes hear is that the GS is only used when u wont big damage such as in boss fights and the claymore is ur main weapon for all enemy's and for bosses that dont leave a big enough opening for the GS. i found this sword team is the best for when i was just getting used to the GS and its slow swing time making me learn when might be the best time instead of trying it as ur all time weapon and loosing a shit load of times

order i level up roughly after first state goals (eg 28 STR and 10 DEX) are reached and points i try and keep them apart from each other
STR first highest state by 5 or 10
DEX (is only for beginning if going to wield a bow but drops down list later on)
VGR and END the same but END first. second highest by 5
VIT just following VGR and END by 5
ADP following by 5
ATN should be by 10 but not, my derp
INT and FTH the same and following ATN by 5
DEX (after bow requirement are met) following by 5 or 10 it can just stay on 20 cos its only for the bow

this hole build is just what my char turned out like in the end and it works so any thoughts to improve would be great


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